Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cue Music: Here I Go Again (On My Own)

Here I go again!

Welcome, all, to my new blog. I had some great times with Don’t Fuck With Fabulous, but I’ve gone through some changes – some may even say I matured a little bit – and let’s face it, dropping the “F Bomb” when I want to give people my blog address was not the easiest thing when it came to, say, coworkers. Or Rabbis.

Thus, a new blog, for a new me – with a publically acceptable name and everything!

Over the past few months (since June 14th, to be exact, when I wrote my 100th and coincidentally, last post on DFWF) I have truly missed having a place where I could capture all the entertaining, hilarious, provocative, and (let’s face it), bizarre thoughts that fly through my head.

I hope you’ll keep coming back. The best part of DFWF was hearing all the wonderful positive feedback from family, friends, and frankly, strangers – someone once stopped me in a bar to tell me how much they enjoyed reading what I wrote. Best compliment ever! So please, stick around. And comment lots – I just can’t get enough :)

So, here we are. And here I go again!

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