Friday, October 30, 2009

For Your Entertainment

Many of you who read this know me quite well. And that means you are very familiar with my complete and total obsession with the one and only Adam Lambert.

I am not going to go into a whole shpiel about how I feel he, above ANYONE else, deserved to win American Idol this year (HE WAS ROBBED! ROBBED I TELL YOU!), but the fact remains, he is by far the most talented contestant that I, a longtime devotee and major fan of the show, has ever seen, and ever expects to see again. And now, his first single has been released, off his new album, For Your Entertainment. (Don’t worry – I pre-ordered it months ago).

Words cannot express how much I love this man. Come on! Look at this! His very first mainstream album – and this is what he puts out for the world to see on the cover!

He is talented beyond belief, gorgeous, JEWISH, and unapologetically fabulous. (In a particular fantasy of mine, we meet, fall in platonic gay-best friend love, and spend the rest of our days together, where we compliment each other using that exact phrase above. Hey, it can apply to me too!)

I may or may not be guilty of buying floor seat tickets to the American Idols 2009 summer tour, dragging my mother along with me, and proceeding to spend the entire time shrieking like a fourteen-year old girl every time his name was mentioned. Don’t even get me started on my behavior when he actually came out to perform his solo set – I literally stood on my seat, weeping real tears, and took so many photos that my camera broke. I also bought this shirt and wore it the entire time.

Here is the link to his newest single. (I really need to learn how to embed video on this thing. Anyone want to teach me?) I love it and can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!


New aGe said...

I though about you last night. I saw a clip on E! about his video and the men in loin cloths in the background...LOL

bombdigety said...

This is HILARIOUS!!!! But I am so with you, girlie on the him being robbed bit...though I don't know that I would (or could) ever rock a Lambert T-shirt. :)