Thursday, November 12, 2009

Food Truck Mania!

Please tell me ya’ll have tried at least ONE of the food trucks roaming around LA these days. I am OBSESSED!

So it all started with the Kogi Truck, and Twitter. Two guys came up with this ridiculously brilliant idea of creating a new type of LA street food – a fusion of Korean and Mexican food – and serving it out of a traveling food truck that hits areas all around LA. In order to get the word out, they turned to Twitter, tweeting their location each time they moved. The result? Insane lines, crazy amounts of press, and approximately three dozen copycat trucks.

As a total foodie, I am all about this new phase in LA food J So far, I’ve been to only a few of these trucks – my favorites being the Sprinkles Cupcake Mobile, the Grilled Cheese Truck, and of course, Kogi!

What are my favorite things to order? Let’s see. At Kogi, you can’t go wrong with the Korean short rib burrito, packed with hash browns, scrambled eggs, and cheese. I never leave without ordering either the Kogi hot dog special – a juicy hot dog covered with kimichi sauerkraut – or the Kogi sliders (my personal favorite!), two adorable mini burgers made out of short rib meat, topped with Asian slaw and cheddar cheese.

I had the Grilled Cheese Truck for lunch today, actually. I ordered a Plain Jane melt on white bread with cheddar cheese and a side order of tater tots. The tots were INSANE! So crispy, hot, and salty – I was a majorly happy camper. My friend and I also ordered their dessert melt – Nutella and grilled banana on white bread. When I ordered it at the truck, the lady behind the counter said, “Oh! You’ve got the last one!” I peeked behind me at the hundred people waiting in line, turned back to her and said, “Shhhh! They’ll kill me!”

If you want to see where the trucks will be any day of the week, click here – some brilliant internet wunderkind compiled all the Twitter feeds onto a website, so you don’t even need to have Twitter to find your next truck fix!

Mmmmm… I’m getting hungry just writing about it!

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