Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shop Til You Drop

Oooh ya’ll. I cannot stop shopping.

But that’s OKAY! Hey, right now America needs all the economy-boosting it can get. And that, ladies and gents, is where I come in – I am more than happy to do my part.

Want to see some fun stuff I’ve been buying?

I am really excited about this – Anthopologie’s Rinzu Robe. Okay, so technically it’s a silk bathrobe (Anthropologie has it listed under “Sleep Outfits,” which is just retarded), but the print is so gorgeous and so me. I’m planning on wearing it one night this weekend in Vegas with the Yentas (more on that later) with black tights, black ankle booties, and a black blazer. Cute, right?

This is the other outfit I’ve got planned for Vegas – I first bought this Dolce Vita dress in the multicolored chevron print, and I loved it so much I bought it in the grey print, too. I absolutely love the zipper up the whole front – exposed zippers are so sexy! I wore the multicolored one when I was in Tucson a few weeks ago – I wore it with a black jacket, my knee-high black suede Coach boots, and of course, a black bow headband. I was SOOOO Blair Waldorf!

Speaking of headbands – I’m really into them lately. I also just picked this up from Anthropologie also. I think my obsession started when I decided to wear a feather pin in my hair to Yom Kippur services and thoroughly flipped my mother out. “Very appropriate,” she said. I didn’t care – I LOVED it and felt fabulous in it.

Okay – no more shopping for me for a while. At least til I get to Vegas this weekend :) maybe I’ll win some money and really go to town. A girl can dream!

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