Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some Fun Updates

Hi everyone! Lots to report in today. I’ll stop messing around and get to it.

1. Unfortunately, I am NOT blogging from my new MacbookPro right now. However, I do have it in my possession finally, thanks to Martha Jew-art making the arduous trek from the valley to Beverly Hills to give it to me, and I am ridiculously excited. Expect to hear all about it very soon.

2. Right now, I have TWENTY-NINE followers. I couldn’t be happier about that. I’ve decided that once I reach 100 followers, I will do an awesome/snazzy giveaway and trust me, it will be gooooood. That’s your incentive to go tell your friends, neighbors, fuck-buddies, sorority sisters, parental units, you name it, all about this wonderful blog o’mine and have them become avid readers as well. And while you’re listening, I might also mention that I really love getting comments, so please leave them. If you leave a comment, I'll know you're reading, and I'll like you a lot - even more than I like you now. The more you comment, the more I’ll blog – how’s that?

3. Speaking of blogging, I apologize for not blogging for the past few days. Things have been hectic – tomorrow is my last official day of work at the Fed, and I have been alternating between being insane, where I run around and try to pack up my office and not break things, and being sad, which involves me sending out emails to my colleagues using words like “bittersweet” and trying not to cry into my kugel at the Fed’s annual holiday luncheon. Wah. Also, I’ve been packing. For what, you ask? Oh, just read on….

4.On Thursday, the Silvermans will be leaving for our annual extended-family trip – The Dysfunctional Family Vacation. This year, we’re traveling to the Mayan Riviera, which apparently is located near Cancun. For those of you who are not familiar with the DFV, as it is fondly referred to, I suggest you read this short writeup, taken from my last blog (the late DFWF) and try to keep up...

Every year, my grandmother, two aunts, two uncles, five cousins, two parents, Bailey J, and me hop off to some lovely exotic locale where we drink, eat, fight, laugh, and generally have a ridiculous time. Past incidents have included a certain fainting incident by yours truly, resulting in my needing to be rescued by a woman with one leg, and a crew member falling overboard a cruise ship. (I told you to read the write-up! What are you waiting for?)

the poor Mayan Riviera will not know what hit it

Anyways, this year I’ve decided I’ll be LIVE BLOGGING the DFV. That’s right, every night while on the trip I will post a short recap, complete with pictures, about what we did that day. I’m considering instituting some regular categories, including naming a FMOTD (Family Member of the Day) and a GMU (General Mood Update) as well.

last year's highlight: beer pong in the hotel lobby with mexican corona. no, i'm not joking.

I’m very excited about this and you should be too, if you like to read about insane people and the insane things they do. There is a reason why Benjamin Noah Madick suggested we become the first reality TV show, long before reality TV even existed. Trust me.

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Madjaques. said...

Jord -- good luck on your last day and have fun on the DFV. I have to be honest, this is the first time visting the site since the first blogging but was informed of the awesome shoutout by a 'google alert' of my name. I promise, I will once again become a dedicated subscriber to your wonderful work. Thank you for the shoutout! Much love. Beej.