Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Zoe Domestic and Chic

A few months ago, I signed up to get The Zoe Report, a daily fashion email from celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe. Every morning, I get an email from Rachel Zoe where she describes an item she is obsessed with, talks about why she finds it stylish, and includes a link where it can be purchased. If it’s a high-end item, she includes a lower priced version as well.

A few days ago, this was The Zoe Report:

For everyone out there who is putting a Thanksgiving feast on the table today...why not do so in style? That is not to say you should throw on tranny platforms and a sequin jumpsuit—though I would not argue—but perhaps an understated black dress, tights and lace-up booties to acknowledge the holiday. Cover it all up with a timeless apron, like today's Anthropologie option, and you can cook your turkey in vogue.

If you are afraid of your kitchen, this apron might just inspire you to tackle a recipe or two. A nod to 1950s housewife style, it is polka-dotted to perfection and capable of bringing out the homemaker in all of us. Have a holiday dinner party coming up? Slip it on over whatever you're wearing and concoct your favorite sweet treat or stir up a dish from the American Fashion Cookbook. When seasonal anxiety starts to get the best of you, do as I do and bake your cares away. xo, RZ

Hmmm… looks familiar…. Where have I seen that before?

I am so chic! This is the exact apron I bought for my Halloween costume last month. And look how cute I am! I was a 50’s housewife, Mad Men style. I even baked cupcakes for my friends!

And in other Rachel Zoe news, on my plane back to LA from New York on Sunday night, guess who sat in my row!

It was Brad, Rachel’s assistant! He was ADORABLE. Since I follow him on Twitter, I couldn’t resist tweeting to him:

queenjord: @bradgoreski you are on my flight and my sister and I LOVE you!

bradgoreski: @queenjord Hi! Love you back. See u in la

New gay crush! I am obsessed!

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