Saturday, January 2, 2010

Here We Go, 2010!

Happy New Year y'all! Now that I've finally recovered from NYE and dragged myself out of bed, I can get to updating you :)

My New Years Eve was interesting. I went to a warehouse party at this empty soundstage in Santa Monica - $50 cover got you in with full open bar, rock band, DJs, beer pong, and a taco bar. The blend of champagne, vodka cranberries, and chicken tacos in my stomach proved to be a terrible, terrible combination, causing me to spend the first few hours of 2010 hunched over Anna’s toilet. NOT FUN.

Oh well. At least we looked cute before we all started puking.

Anyways, I think it’s time for me to actual commit to paper (or the web, in this case) the New Year’s Resolutions I’ve been talking about. That way, when I fall off the bandwagon (inevitable), I’ll feel as though I need to confess via posting, and y’all can yell at me in the comments. (Or in real life. Whatever you prefer.) So, here we go:

1. Learn to cook -- I love food as much as I love Bloomingdales, Facebook, and Jews. One of my biggest passions is trying and tasting new foods, and I can give you a spot-on restaurant recommendation in Los Angeles, Vegas, Tucson, or New York. So why don’t I know how to cook? Good question. Right now, my entire kitchen repertoire consists of one dish: whole wheat pasta with tomatoes, goat cheese, and chicken sausage. Otherwise, if I’m eating at home, it’s a Lean Cuisine or imitation creamed spinach. In 2010 I resolve to finally learn how to cook. Then I can throw dinner parties!

2. Get my ass to the gym -- ironic, considering this comes right after an entire paragraph about food. But really, that’s kind of fitting -- look, I’m NEVER gonna want to not eat the things I want to eat. However, if I want to be a hot biatch who looks fab in all her gorgeous clothes, something’s gotta give. In 2010, I will work out at least three times a week. My plan is genius: wait until something fabulously trashy is on TV, then head to the gym and watch it while I run my tush off on the eliptical. Genius.

3. Be nice to all living creatures -- sometimes the Queen can be mean. I need to be nicer, both to the people I love as well as strangers. This may include also learning how to be more patient and less sarcastic. Also, I will need to learn how to get along with The Amazing Sugar Dog.

4. Write my book -- there’s one inside me. I just have to stop procrastinating/shopping/eating/playing/singing/dancing/traveling long enough to sit down and write it. Maybe 2010 is the year I do it?

And of course, it goes without saying that I promise in 2010 to blog as much as possible. I really love how warm and fuzzy I feel when I run into someone and they tell me how much they enjoy reading my blog and hearing about all my funny/retarded stories.

What are your resolutions? I hope they include a pledge to come back daily and read my new posts :)

Here’s hoping 2010 will be amazing for everyone! (And not have as many dead celebrities as 2009 had.)

P.S. I did this whole post from my brand new gorgeous Macbook Pro and did not have any nervous breakdowns in the process! (That's a lie. I had one but Greene helped me out so I didn't have another :) yay!)

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