Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bye Bye Texas, Hello Florida

Greetings from Florida! Hope you all have been having a great week!

I arrived here yesterday straight from Texas - I had spent the weekend in Houston celebrating my friend Julie’s 25th birthday with her. Ugh, so much fun. I LOVE TEXAS - but then again, you all knew that, right?

Some highlights:

Dinner at Carrabba’s before our big night out. This is Julie’s favorite restaurant and some of her favorite people :) I love those Houston girls. (Shoutout to Liz, my “REAL FRIEND.”) Don't we all look so pretty? Dinner was SOOOO GOOD!

Seeing my GHERKIN! Granted, we last reunited in December, but any amount of time we are separated causes us both much heartache. She is very brave and drove the four hours from Dallas alone just to see me and Julie and celebrate with us! This was taken at Julie's birthday brunch at her house - her mom decorated the whole house in hot pink and orange and lime green, and there was an omelette man! YUM.

Reuniting with Alyssa! (Hadn’t seen her in more than two years, due in part to her inability to ever pick up the phone and arrange anything).

Special birthday celebration with the Rubenstein's. I love Julie’s fam - they are so funny and we always go to the yummiest meals! After we ate at Trulucks, Julie and I literally had to lay on the bed and not move for two hours.

I saved the best for last. Julie is a member of a kickball team that plays in tournaments every Sunday. They take it VERY seriously. Let me just say that if you are fortunate enough to ever have the chance to watch Julie play kickball, PLEASE take her up on it. Look at her dedication!

Not gonna lie - she also did a fair amount of hair-twirling in the outfield. A real star athlete, that one.

I cheered on the sidelines, taking jello shots and eating drunken pineapple (marinated in rum. YUM.) The reason I am wearing this retarded outfit is because Julie forced me to dress up in green (her team color) and pink (in honor of Valentine’s Day), hence, the Kanye shades and sequined hat. (Okay, I really liked the hat.) Also - please note the whistle - MY IDEA! I pretended I was in charge and kept blowing it constantly.

Anyways, I had a great time in Houston! I miss Julie Ann already :( Now I’m in Florida, visiting my grandma -- my aunt and two cousins are here as well, and my mom arrives tomorrow. Just a fun short trip -- not anything like the DFV -- but rest assured, I will fill you in on all the dysfunction in one of my next posts.

Happy Hump Day!

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Aly said...

Super cute blog! Love your profile....Blair Waldorf? Leopard print? Vodka? You're speaking my language, lady :)