Thursday, February 11, 2010

Now Accepting Presents :)

I don’t really care about Valentine’s Day. Not because I am currently unattached, but rather because I prefer to tell the people who I love that I love them all the time, rather than when God, the government, and Hallmark tell me to.

However, I do enjoy receiving presents. This is also not limited to one particular day or holiday. In fact, I will accept a present ANY DAY OF THE YEAR. So, if you were planning on gifting me with a little something, in honor of V-Day or just because I am lovable, here are some things I have been admiring lately....

First off, this Marc Jacobs pouch. Every single time I walk by this pouch in a department store, I make little puppy noises and stroke it gently until my friends or mother tells me to get a grip and move on. There is no real reason why I need it - I don't need a new makeup or toiletry bag, and I'm no longer of the age where I can claim I would use it as a pencil bag - but I adore it and would like to make it mine. Assistance is welcomed.

This Kate Spade necklace is just ridiculous. Please click here to see it larger -- the detail is amazing. If you remember from this post, I actually own the earrings that match this, and though I am not one to do the whole matchy-matchy thing (I think Bailey would actually murder me if I did), I do looooove this.
Want to know a weird thing about me? I love splashing in puddles. I had a friend in college who I always forced to drive me to abandoned Tucson parking lots so I could put on my hot pink rain boots and splash around in puddles anytime it monsooned in Tucson. He only went along with it so he could make fun of how retarded I looked. Anyways, I digress. Those old rainboots are long gone (probably salvaged from the AEPhi dumpster by a Tucson creeper) and now, I am in the market for some new ones. And how cute are these Hunter ones? With these on, I can continue my splashing excursions to my heart's content.
I am in the market for a new pair of shades, and these are kind of fabulous. Tory Burch just came out with their first line of sunglasses, and I am basically obsessed. The only problem is deciding which color to get!
Speaking of Tory, this is also a new arrival. I am OBSESSED with exposed zippers (as a matter of fact, I just bought this from Gap) and therefore would gladly accept this as a gift if anyone is so inclined :)

By the way, even though I don’t care about Valentine’s Day, I do still care about February 14th. That is because on that glorious day, one of my dearest friends, Miss Julie Ann Rubenstein, was born, and this year, she is turning 25!

Tomorrow I will leave sunny LA and fly to freezing Texas to celebrate the occasion of her birth with her by shopping, eating, dancing, and drinking, along with special guest Rebecca “Gherkin” Gerrick. Pictures and weekend recap to come!

Happy early weekend to all of you, and (I guess) Happy Valentine’s Day, too!

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JGIWC said...

Wait... I'm putting the puzzle pieces together... You were an AEPhi @ Arizona... Do you know Michelle Weinberg?! She was one of my closest friends in high school