Friday, February 26, 2010

West Virginia Does Not Exist

If you’re gonna read this blog, I want to be upfront about a few things. I’ve got some strong opinions, and this blog is my place to share them. For example, I believe in gay rights. I believe in a woman’s right to choose. I believe in universal healthcare.

I also believe West Virginia is not a state.

Have you EVER met ANYONE who hails from West Virginia? I would bet $10 that says NO, you have not. I certainly haven't. It is a mythical land. It’s only drawn on the map because 50 states sounds better than 49.

I developed this theory sometime during my college years - can’t remember when or why, but I’ve been a staunch (dis)believer ever since. One time, sitting in the AEPhi kitchen with some friends, I called every person in my cell phone and asked them their opinion. A LARGE number of people were unsure of whether or not it was a state, which only served to make me feel justified in my belief. Ever since then, I remained confident in my beliefs.

Until one day, about a month ago. I accidentally let it this little belief of mine slip while on the bus on Birthright. Everyone laughed - including my friend Dave, who then reached into his pocket and pulled out this:

Faced with this evidence, I must admit the argument for the existence of the state is rather compelling.

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