Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In Which I Make My Debut On Live TV As A HAIR MODEL.

What were you all doing this morning at 7 am? Just waking up? Maybe putting on your robe and slippers and sitting down to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee? That sounds lovely.

I, HOWEVER, was making my LIVE TELEVISION DEBUT on KTLA News as a HAIR MODEL. Yes, you read that right - a HAIR MODEL.

Why, you ask? What are you talking about? Well, let me tell you!

A few weeks ago, this FANTASTIC new salon opened up in Brentwood, right down the street from me -- the Drybar! It’s a salon that exclusively offers blow-drys! They don’t cut or color your hair - their business is blow-drys and they are fabulous at what they do :)

This concept speaks to me on several levels: first of all, because I love splurging every now and then on a blow-dry, especially before a special occasion or night out on the town. It’s also SO affordable ($35 for a wash and blow-dry) and, let’s face it, $35 is a bargain to pay for someone to make you look amazing, ESPECIALLY A) if you are lazy like me, and B) if your hair always looks ten times better when someone else does it!

A friend of mine is friendly with the Drybar PR girls, who needed some hair models for a morning segment with KTLA. As soon as my friend emailed me and asked if I was interested, I jumped at the chance. I have been dying to go try Drybar out, and on top of the blow-dry, I got to show my cute face on TV :)

So, without further ado, here I am! Looking SUPER SEXY with a head full of wet hair (my closeup is after the 2:00 minute mark), if I do say so myself :) (you can also click here to watch if the video takes too long to load):

After our blow-drys! Me, Drybar owner Alli Webb (who is SO SWEET, by the way) and my friend Erica (it was her birthday!)

As soon as my hair stylist finished doing my hair, I announced, “There is NOTHING better than getting your hair blown out! There is no better feeling on earth!”

Everyone agreed, obviously. I left the salon smiling ear to ear, and have had a fantastic day ever since :)

Drybar is amazing!

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