Monday, March 15, 2010

It Takes A Woman

Today I was a fancy lady at a fancy luncheon!

Every year, The Jewish Federation Valley Alliance Women’s Department holds its annual luncheon, It Takes A Woman. This day is very important for the Federation, as many women attend, make their gifts, and get to hear updates about what the Fed is doing to help people in need. Since my mom has been involved with the luncheon for many years, I have attended the past few -- even coming home from college my junior and senior years so I could be there. Everyone gets dressed up to shmooze and eat salad (yuck), and it is always super fun!

So bright and early this morning, Mommy and I put on our fancy dresses (I wore a new J.Crew dress, which I would show you but can’t find the link online, and my favorite DKNY leopard heels) and headed out to the beautiful Four Seasons in Westlake Village.

Since it was so nice out today, we both walked in wearing our sunglasses. Everyone said, “Oh, here are the divas!” which was funny because, duh. Don’t we look EXACTLY ALIKE?

Then we got asked to pose for a mother/daughter photo with some of our faves. Here is my copy of the photo, which is lovely, especially when you consider that JUSTTTT out of camera range, there is a poor lady LAYING ON HER BACK because she fell and broke her hip. I SHIT YOU NOT. I wanted to stop and help but I was told to keep going and smile. Don’t worry, paramedics were called.

The luncheon itself was lovely and very touching. In past years, the speaker has been someone famous -- for example, we have had authors Jennifer Weiner (In Her Shoes, Good in Bed) and Lauren Weisberger (The Devil Wears Prada) as well as Marlee Matlin. But this year, the speakers were all people who have personally benefitted or been impacted by the Federation’s services and programs. This year's keynote speaker was Karnit Goldwasser - wife to the late Ehud Goldwasser, the Israeli soldier who was kidnapped and murdered by Hezbollah.

Here I am with my favorite rabbi, who sat next to me - for the most part, we behaved:

And here is a photo of me and my #1 partner-in-crime, RF:

All in all, a fabulous day. I had special time with Mommy, got to wear a new dress, play with my friends, AND they didn’t serve salad!

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You looked great as did your mother and everyone was jealous that I was sitting next to you - which is always an awesome place to sit!