Sunday, March 28, 2010

One Hand in the Air for the Big City

Hello from the east coast. Let’s hear it for New York!

Jay-Z and Alicia had it right. These streets do make you feel brand new and the lights do inspire you. (Yes, I’m listening to Empire State of Mind while I type this. No, I don’t necessarily think that makes me a loser.) What have I been up to here in this concrete jungle where dreams are made of?

Friday: Wake up at FIVE O CLOCK IN THE MORNING to hop on a flight to JFK. Throw tantrum due to Jet Blue folks deciding to let us know we’ll be making an impromptu “pit stop” in Denver to refuel. Tantrum is futile. Arrive in New York. Reunite with Bay in the lobby of the W. Obligatory Starbucks run with the fam to make Daddy happy. Dinner at Fig & Olive where we take the photo below. Sister sleepover/cuddles with Bay in her fabulous apartment.

Saturday: Obligatory Starbucks run with Muzz and Bay, as Daddy has gone to Long Island for the day. WALK 50 BLOCKS to SoHo. F around in Old Navy and H&M (cuz we don’t have 8 million of those in LA), then shop at Topshop (YES!) Brave the crowds on Canal in hopes of purchasing a fake Goyard bag. Too crowded; leave pouting. Get dragged into the subway by Bailey and Mommy. SPEND AN HOUR IN THE BOWELS OF THE SUBWAY BECAUSE THE 6 NEVER COMES. Scream in frustration and hunger; publicly vow never to take public transportation again and insist on taking a cab to Bloomingdales. Eat. Become happy again. Start to shop. Realize that going to Bloomingdales on 59th & Lex on the last day of the Friends & Family sale is the worst idea in the universe. Naptime. Dinner at the Mercer Kitchen. Pre-bar at Bailey’s friends apartment with many East Coast Jews. Flirt with gorgeous 19 year old boy and fall in love. Trek off to a bar, drink, dance, and meet up with my favorite 5-plus!

Sunday: Obligatory Starbucks run with the fam. Brunch at Blue Water Grill with Dad’s side of the fam (photo #1). Cab to Broadway to see Memphis with Mom’s side of the fam (photo #2). MEMPHIS IS AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING, GO SEE IT. Continue on to dinner at Osteria la Doge with the fam. Decide cousin Sam (13 years old) is going to stay in the city with us overnight. Get threatened with death if we lose her or take her to bars. Go to 7-11, purchase fro-yo and cake mix. Bake cake while watching Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Girl’s night. Blog :)

Soooo all in all, pretty fab weekend so far. Tomorrow Bailey will take me and Sam to the Helmut Lang company store (BIG DISCOUNT OMG) and we will f around in the city some more (ie, shop and eat) before taking the train to Long Island for Passover festivities.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend wherever you were! May I just briefly say, if you live in New York or anywhere else on the East Coast, YOU ARE FUCKING INSANE. Despite socks, gloves, scarves, and a winter coat, I am freezing my ass off here. I bought a lame beanie with a pom-pom for $9 and am rocking it around this city like it is my job. Gotta keep the ears warm or I will punch a cab driver.

Before I go: remember the Facebook Fairy Tale? Well, what is wrong with yall? When I announce a giveaway, I expect you all to pee in your pants from excitement. Instead, I go out of town and it’s like you forgot all about me.

GO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY. #1 because I bought you all some good stuff, and #2 because that good stuff is FREE TO ONE LUCKY WINNER. What are you waiting for? And, since I forgot to say it in the last post, the deadline to enter is FRIDAY, April 2nd at noon - I’ll pick a winner Friday night.

And now I shall leave you with the immortal words of our rap pals:

One hand in the air for the big city,
Street lights, big dreams all looking pretty,
No place in the World that can compare,
Put your lighters in the air, everybody say yeaaahh...

Lots of love from this frostbitten California girl :)

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