Friday, March 12, 2010

The Rainbow Connection

Hi, my name is Jordan, and I love rainbow shoes.

(The first step is admitting you have a problem.)

Everywhere I look, I see another pair of multicolored shoes. And every single one of them deserves to be in my closet. I look at them, and they practically scream “TAKE ME HOME. I WANT TO BE YOUR CHILD.” They speak to me!

So far, I’ve only bought one pair -- these Lauren by Ralph Lauren wedges. They also come in lots of solid colors, but since I am a freak for plaid (a frustrated preppy at heart), I clearly went for the multicolored ones. I can’t wait for spring and summer -- they will look so cute with a sundress! (UGH, the picture is tiny. Click the link to see them in all their glory.)

These Rainbow Urchin sandals from Anthropologie. These shoes are a perfect example of a common problem I have, called I Can’t Tell If These Are Cute Or Fugly (also known as ICTITACOF). Seeing as I have an eye for all things shiny, neon, sparkly, glittered, and multi-colored, I often am unable to tell whether or not something crosses the fine line between cute/quirky and totally heinous/trashy. Anyways, I think these shoes are fantastic. My friend Ashley said they remind her of sea creatures and told me she’d call me Nemo if I got them, but they just may be worth the nickname:

These Cynthia Vincent flats -- OMFG I DIE. I am 100% making these mine. I wear ballet flats basically every day with skinny jeans or leggings, and these will look amazing with a black sweater and a bright scarf. I also like them because most of my ballet flats are pointy toed, and these have round toes -- so I can switch it up a bit!

I also adore these Christian Louboutins. I see them in my dreams. Unfortunately, my dreams is the only place I will continue to see these, as they are totally not going to happen. No worries, I shall enjoy them as eye candy. Aren’t they fabulous?

Thoughts? Comments? Observations? Do you think I’m a freak for loving rainbow shoes? It’s okay if you do :) I will be looking at my feet and smiling all spring and summer long!

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New aGe said...

I saw those Ralph wedges at bloomies the other day and want all the colors. So reasonably priced too!