Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cozy, Comfy, PINK.


Bet you didn’t expect a O.W.W.W.P post, did you? Well, I decided that just because I’m in Poland this week (and Israel next week, and YES I planned another little surprise for you then, too!) shouldn’t mean that our fun little weekly pink parade needed to be put on hold for two weeks.

So here we are! Since I’m writing this WAY in advance, I can’t really fill you in on everything so far. However, I HAVE done the trip twice before, so suffice to say that I’m going to be doing a lot of marching, a lot of singing and dancing on a bus, a lot of playing with high schoolers, and a lot of NOT eating disgusting Polish food (you better believe I packed my own peanut butter and jelly). When I get back I’ll tell you all about my trip, but trust me, those things will have been involved.

Moving on. The most important thing for me on these trips is to be COMFORTABLE. Not gonna lie, there have been days when I’m trekking around Poland/Israel when style takes a backseat. Usually, I am a sweaty, exhausted mess -- and I am wearing sneakers. JESUS. Some examples below (I love how I’m voluntarily posting photos of myself looking like ass even though everyone I know reads this):

My cure? Bring on the Free City. They’re the most comfortable, coziest sweatpants, shirts, and sweatpants I’ve ever found. Half my closet is Free City, and I never travel anywhere without at least three items. So in honor of comfort AND style, here is the pink item of the week!

Fabulous. Cozy. Comfy. And PINK! What could be better?

Miss you all already! Check back for some more updates while I’m gone :)

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Anonymous said...

These pictures made me sad/happy that you are are there!! COME HOME!!!