Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm Jetlagged So I'm Doing Good Deeds

I'm hoooooome! Did you miss me?

So I promise to return later tonight or tomorrow morning with a whole big post about what I've been up to the past two weeks (including tales of children who make out with each other in death camps and why I now steal food), but FIRST the Queen Mother is insisting I give yall some information RIGHT THIS SECOND:

She is in charge of our temple's silent auction and this year, it's all online. It ends tomorrow morning so I told her I'd give her a quick shoutout on here. She was very pleased with the idea of free publicity. I am just being a sucker because I'm jetlagged :)

The website is -- search for Adat Ari El and have at it. You can bid on all sorts of fun stuff like at-home spray tans and Dodger tickets and restaurant gift certificates. If you get something good, let me know!

Promise I'll be back soon. In the immortal words of Gossip Girl, you know you love me... XOXO.

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