Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pink Tassels? I’m In

Oooooh, it’s Wednesday! Time for more pink stuff!

Did you know I LOVE wearing color? Yes, black is sophisticated and slimming, but color is just so FUN. I remember being a freshman in college at a frat party and looking around and literally every single girl around me was wearing the exact same thing - blue jeans and a black shirt. I vowed on the spot to never wear that ensemble out at night again - who wants to look like everyone else? Not this girl. So color it is!

(My sister also used to abide by this rule -- she never wore jeans with a plain black shirt, ever! But that was before she moved to New York. Apparently, they make you surrender all of your pretty California girl clothes/things with color. Now she worships at the Helmut Lang altar and only wears things that are black.)

Anyways, so even on days when I’m not wearing anything special, I still like to make sure I am wearing something bright and colorful and fun. Like this scarf!

I love the hot pink tassels! It’s by Madewell, which is one of my favorite new brands (I have a great racerback tunic by them that I plan on wearing all summer).

I would totally wear this all summer long with white linen pants and a grey tank.. uh oh, I’m planning outfits and I don’t even own it yet. I may need to run out and go pick this up!

Seen anything pink and fabulous lately? If so, please let me know so I can check it out and use it for a O.W.W.W.P. post!

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