Monday, May 31, 2010

Every Girl Should Have A Jacob

I’m a lucky girl -- I’ve got a lot of girlfriends. I may be slightly biased, but I think they’re pretty fucking fantastic -- probably the best ones in the world.

My girlfriends are amazing. They patiently accompany me to the mall for hours while I search for the exact right beige blazer. They sit for hours on the phone when I whine about my boy issues (AHEM JDate) or, let’s face it, lack thereof. They come over to watch the Oscars with me and agree to not speak except during commercials. They tell their coworkers, parents, roommates and boyfriends about my blog, and make all those people add it to their Favorites or Bookmarks. They post random funny stories on my Facebook page when I’m having a bad day, just to make me laugh. They don’t cover their ears or walk away when I start singing Glee or Lady Gaga. They’re amazing.

I believe that every girl should have the type of girlfriends that I have. But I also believe that every girl should have a best guy friend. If she’s lucky, she’ll have more than one, and if she’s really lucky, she’ll have a whole group of them. But at the very least, she’s got to have one.

This is Jacob. Isn’t he cute?

Jacob and I have been friends since college. He lives in Memphis, and has the thickest southern accent of anyone I know. And, of course, he’s my best guy friend.

He’s my go-to whenever I have any sort of boy problem, dilemma, or question. He knows how to fix my ipod from halfway across the country. He sends me hilarious links to Youtube videos and knows all words to all the newest rap songs. He tried to surprise me in Tucson for my 21st birthday party, and when his flight got canceled, he flew to three different states trying to make it to the party in time.

He finds obscure radio stations that play hits from the nineties and sends me the link so I can listen to Matchbox 20, Britney Spears, and Destiny’s Child all day long. He sends his family links to the articles I write because he is proud of me. He was the very first one to join the Queen of LA Facebook page. He tries to teach me about the stock market using terms that I understand, and he doesn’t even get mad when six minutes into the explanation, I get bored and start talking about Modern Family instead.

He’s funny and smart and loves In&Out -- he’s a great catch, all ladies who read this blog! And in TEN DAYS, he is coming to visit!!!!

Every girl should be lucky enough to have a Jacob :)


Jacob said...

Embarrassing? Only slightly. See you in 10.

Sophie said...

I was half asleep checking facebook on my phone, and then I saw you had a post all about Jacob. I immediately woke up to get my computer, so I could read it. I am so proud of him for having an entire post dedicated to him on your blog :)

Laurie said...

omg.....i want to marry him and I am his mom! :)


Jacob sounds awesome does he need a rabbi?

And I am a little jealous that he gets an entire blog posting, I mean he must really rate - perhaps you should start a new custom of once a week or once a month dedicating a whole post to someone special in your life.