Friday, May 14, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel, Delicious Pizza, and a Mazel Tov

Good morning. Today I woke up to these frantic gchats:

Stacy: where is this mornings update?!

10:28 AM

me: whoa. chill

i dont always update in the mornings

10:29 AM

Stacy: its like my coffee in the morning jord

me: well im caffeine free brach so i dont know how that goes


So it’s Friday! Yay weekend. Except I am leaving to staff my first Birthright trip on Sunday and you know what that means - hauling out the enormous turquoise suitcase and packing again. For someone who travels so much, I HATE packing. One of these days I’ll document the process so you can see exactly how insane I can be.

Last night, I did something cool -- I went to the Jimmy Kimmel taping in Hollywood! My friend Blair invited me, and we went with her cousin and his girlfriend. The guests last night were Ryan Phillipe (hot), Beth Ostrovsky Stern (Howard Stern’s wife, dumb as rocks), and a band called the Dirty Heads (no idea who they were.)


  • I desperately needed to pee and begged the usher to let me go before the show started. He showed me the way downstairs and I ran like the wind. As soon as I got downstairs, I bumped into someone. “Oh, sorry,” I said, ignoring the person as I ran. “It’s okay,” said Ryan Phillippe. YES. I BUMPED INTO THE SPECIAL GUEST. AND DIDNT EVEN NOTICE. OR CARE.
  • BOTH Ryan Phillipe and Beth Ostrovsky Stern dropped the F-bomb on TV. As someone who adores the word fuck, I found this very entertaining.
  • In the middle of the taping, the ceiling started leaking. Two poor girls had to sit underneath an umbrella for the remainder of the show. At first I was happy that I wasn’t being rained upon, but then I was jealous because they got a special shout out from JK (who, by the way, was wearing a black suit with brown shoes. Not okay.)

After dinner, we went to one of my all-time favorite places for a late late dinner - Pizzeria Mozza! Even though we didn’t have a reservation, I shmoozed the host and we ended up with a table :) shout out to Lance. For those of you who have never been to Mozza, please go! The pizzas are out of this world.

I ordered the Mozza Caprese (all the cheese is made on site and is out of this world, seriously one of the best I’ve ever had with basil pesto and charred tomatoes on the vine) and the leek/garlic/bacon/goat cheese pizza. Blair ordered the chopped salad (which was so full of meat and cheese that even I liked it) and the speck/bufala/olive tapenade pizza. We swapped each other a piece of our pizzas - YUM. And, of course, we ended with the butterscotch budino for dessert. Now, I was super full, but knew I would regret not ordering it if I didn’t, so we ordered it. People, it is seriously the best dessert in LA. Butterscotch pudding, thick butterscotch syrup, fleur de sel and creme fraiche on top, with two rosemary cookies on the side? I can’t think of anything I’d rather have.

So there’s your update, Stace. And everyone else :) but wait, I’m not done yet! Today is a VERY SPECIAL DAY and I want to make sure everyone knows it.

Tonight, after two looooong years and a loooottttt of hard work, my best friend Rebecca Gerrick will graduate from nursing school!

She is going to be an RN! (I think that means Real Nurse but apparently I’m wrong.) AND, she just found out yesterday that she is going to be a nurse in the ICU -- unheard of for a new graduate! She has worked so hard, studied so long, and given up on a lot of things to make this dream come true for herself, and the end is finally here. As a special surprise, I rallied the troops together, and Julie, Stacy, Anna, Joy, Greene, Floff, Carly, Bragman and I surprised her with these shoes as a graduation gift:

Look how cute she is in her little nursing hat!


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