Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Little Carrie'd Away

Friday night was the night. I ignored the jetlag, put on my sassy Topshop blazer, and headed out with Greene and Anna to see Sex and the City 2! After a brief fight with a gay on our way in and another small argument with the popcorn man, we settled into our seats. We were SO EXCITED!

And after all that? I liked it. I didn’t love it. I liked it. It was SO GOOD to see the girls - it sounds cheesy, but at this point, the audience is so comfortable with Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha, that it truly does feel like you’re seeing old friends. But the plot was just eh - cliche and in my opinion, predictable. I felt like the script was just going along, checking things off. Scene of Samantha having sex? Check. Scene of Miranda at her law firm? Check. Scene of Charlotte being prissy? Check. Scene of Carrie having man drama? Check.

That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy myself. My favorite scenes? Stanford and Anthony’s wedding (NOTHIN like a gay wedding) with LIZAAAAAA (ruler of the gays) and the karaoke scene when all four ladies sang “I Am Woman” (I’m a sucker for a good karaoke scene).

And the clothes. OH, the clothes! In my opinion, SATC really stands for Show All The Clothes! It was seriously a feast for the eyes:

Behold Carrie, in one of my favorite pieces from the movie. (Just found this dress at Bloomingdales... ahem, possible birthday dress?! Thoughts? Should I go for it?! LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS!)

Here’s the deal. If you loved the show and the first movie, go see it. It will be good to see the girls again, and you won’t be bored for even half a second with the parade of shiny, glittery, dazzling, extravagant clothes, shoes, and bags marching across the screen. But don’t expect anything life changing. It seems by now, the ladies are who they are - they won’t be doing anything wild, crazy, or out of the ordinary anymore, which, in hindsight, is a bit of a letdown when you take into consideration that these are the same women who, just a few years ago, burst onto the scene and made everyone take notice by being so outspoken, so extraordinary, so out of the box.

Because after all, isn’t that why we love them so much?

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