Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shalom Again!

SO. Israel tomorrow! For the third time in 4 months. And one more at the end of June. CRAZY.

At this point, it’s not even hard to pack anymore! And for me to say that is a HUGE deal. Usually, just packing for a weekend trip involves screaming, fourteen different ensemble options, and a full arsenal of hair tools. Now, I just throw it in the ginormous turquoise suitcase and go.

Since it’s almost summer, this trip is going to be hot hot hot. I actually had to go out and buy shorts. (If you’re curious, I got these and these and these from Gap.) Despite my years sweating in the desert while at UofA, I am not fond of hot weather. So, just in case, I brushed up on how to say “I am going to faint” and “The sun makes me want to die.” Since Birthright requires everyone to wear a hat and closed-toed shoes (UGH!) I also packed this adorable little fedora, which I stole from my sister’s closet (thanks Bay!) and these espadrilles from Target.

Anyways, I know you will all miss me tons. BUT, because I am such a devoted little blogger, I have scheduled several posts to appear while I am gone! Yes, after figuring it out for the MOTL, I decided why not do a few for these ten days also? So, I hope you enjoy. And if you enjoy, LEAVE A COMMENT.

(May I remind you that I LOVE COMMENTS? Remember, there is a real person on the other side of this computer. Her name is Jordan, and she enjoys shoes, the color pink, making fun of people, and receiving comments from readers. You guys, I get an email whenever someone leaves one, and it seriously fills me with glee (the emotion, not the show). And, as a brief reminder, kindly leave your name as well. Otherwise, I have no idea who it is writing me about their purchase of the Lean Cuisines I so highly recommended. True story.)

Also: if I get back from Israel and Casey James is the next American Idol, I swear I am going to vom all over America. If this happens, someone please alert me via email or facebook message so I can emotionally prepare myself to watch the Tivoed finale.

EW. does this look like the face of an idol to you?!

That is all. I will miss you all. Check back often for those new posts! And SHALOM!

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