Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Good morning! In a few hours, I am heading off to my favorite place on earth for the FOURTH time this year... ISRAEL!

Craziness. This time, I’m leading a Birthright trip for a 22-26 age group, and my co-staff is my pal Sammy, which I’m excited about. Everyone who knows us says the same thing when they find out we’re staffing together - “Your bus is going to be INSANE.” Ha. True. Hope those guys and gals are ready for a LOT of singing over the bus microphone.

Speaking of those guys and gals, I know a few participants this time! Very exciting. One of my best friends, Miss Alexandra B.C., coincidentally got put on my trip, and I am pumped. She has spent the last week and a half calling me sixteen times a day to discuss packing, ask questions regarding the type of shorts she should be bringing, and interrogate me about the likelihood of her needing more than one converter. Delightful. I’m just kidding - Alex has never been to Israel and I am SO excited to introduce her to my favorite places, stores, shops, restaurants, and people. (And please look forward to a thousand photos of the two of us atop a camel.)

Anyways, you know the drill -- I’ve scheduled a few posts (five, if I remember correctly - one every other day the entire time I’m gone) to go up so you all can have your Queenly fix :)

Please remember to leave lots of comments, and make them funny - I will need something to make me laugh when I am climbing fucking Masada at 5:00 in the goddamn morning AGAIN. And if you haven’t done so already, I HIGHLY recommend telling your friends, family, neighbors, loved ones, and strangers on the street about this blog. The more people who read this, the happier I am, and the happier I am, the funnier the posts are. Basically what I’m trying to say is: feed my ego.

The picture above is a riff on the famous LOVE statue in Pennsylvania. The one I posted says “Ahava”, which means love in Hebrew. And I put it up because that’s what I feel when I think about Israel - love, love, LOVE!

Israel! I can’t wait to see you again!


bailey said...

lovely post, we will be back soon. miss you already gordon

Aliya Slepkov said...

Have lots of fun in Israel. cant wait to read about it when you get back.
BTW, the AHAVA statue can be found at the sculpture garden at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, where I worked for 3 years before moving to LA. Thanks for posting the picture here, it made me smile.