Friday, June 18, 2010

Silverman Sister Rules

I can’t believe I didn’t update you yesterday about the biggest news of all: MY SISTER IS HERE!

Yep, BJ is home for the weekend. And she brought her boyfriend, JMDV, with her. I am on my very best behavior because yesterday, my mother sat me down and reminded me about the importance of sharing, caring, and the Silverman Sister Rules.

In honor of Bailey’s visit, I think I will share them with you:

  • No hitting.
  • If you are going to hit, don’t go near your sister’s nose.
  • No borrowing clothes without permission.
  • If you are going to borrow clothes without permission, DO NOT borrow something that is brand-new with tags.
  • If you are going to borrow clothes without permission and you select an item that is brand-new with tags, DO NOT be stupid enough to take a photo of yourself wearing it and put it on the Facebook.
  • Do not call your sister a mean name.
  • If you are going to call your sister a mean name, you need to apologize. But GOD HELP YOU if you tell her to shut up (in the Silverman household no one is allowed to say shut up. You can say the F word and the A word and the B word and lots of other bad words, but not shut up.)
  • No hooking up with Friends of Sisters. (This rule has been violated. Many times. Oops.)
  • Whoever gets the comfy spot on the couch first gets to keep it the rest of the day. The other sister gets to hold the remote.
  • On odd numbered days, I get to sit in the front seat. On even numbered days, Bailey gets to sit in the front seat. (The odd numbered days are clearly better -- sometimes the month goes “31,1” and then she has a mini tantrum but OH WELL!)
  • When your sister wants something from the parentals, you need to take her side and help convince them that she should get it. Then she will do the same for you.
  • Your sister is your best friend. Hug her every day. Compliment her every hour.

BJ has been home for approximately 11 hours and so far we have had 0.0 fights. I will keep you all posted on this tally in the event that it changes (let’s face it, it’s going to change.)

We have lots of fun activities planned, like eating and eating and eating and shopping and tanning and barbequing for Father’s Day and eating some more.

Everyone enjoy your weekend and if you have a sister, give her a little kiss :)

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Diana said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! GREAT sister rules!! I'm going to try the couch/remote rule at our house and see if P&A will stop killing each other over those things!! Might have to try the hitting rules too! LOL!! Some of the list is not really age-appropriate for them yet, so I'll start there and let you know how it goes. (This is pretty awesome getting parenting advice from a friend who is actually closer in age to my kids than to me! Oy! Or do I owe my gratitude for the set of rules to YOUR parents? If so, please thank them for me!)

Oh - and I'm seeing all three of my sisters on Sunday and will defintely take your advice and give them each a kiss! ;-)