Saturday, July 31, 2010

Britney Does It Again (But This Time, It's Not Her Fault.)

I realize it’s a Saturday and I rarely blog on Saturdays, but something insane has happened that I need to share with you. BEHOLD:

How have we NOT discussed this yet? I am literally speechless. COSMO. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!

BRITNEY. WHERE IS YOUR NECK? This needs to win the award for WORLD’S WORST PHOTOSHOPPING JOB OF ALL TIME. It literally looks as though Britney’s head was put on someone else’s body, and the entire thing was done by a fourth-grader with a shaky hand. I feel bad for whoever did this hackjob, because he or she is FOR SURE out of a job and should not be expecting Cosmo to give them a reference.

Yall, I LOVE me some Britney. It doesn’t matter what that girl does - shave her head, smack paparazzi with an umbrella, get committed to a mental institution - I am still a MAJOR fan. But this is insane. If I were here, I might take up solace in some K-Fed right now. That’s how bad this is.

Can we go back to some happier times? Like her concert, for example?

as i took this picture at her april 2009 concert, i was seriously weeping

while simultaneously screaming "SHE LIVES! SHE LIVES!"

Ahhhh. Much better.

I hope you’re all laying by a pool somewhere enjoying your weekend, drinking alcohol, and reading trashy mags. But if you’re doing that, PLEASE BOYCOTT COSMO THIS MONTH. They’re on timeout for a while.

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