Monday, July 26, 2010

The Floffs (and GB) Do San Fran!

Good morning! Happy Monday to all of you. Did you have nice weekends? I did - I spent the weekend in San Francisco visiting my dear friend Floff!

On Friday afternoon, Greene and I flew up to Northern California to see our pal. Even though she only lives a 45-minute flight away, we hadn’t seen her in a few months and we were super excited!

Warning: I’m about to start posting pictures. If you notice that I’m looking a little.... um... browner than normal in these photos, don’t fret - it’s simply because I got an airbrush tan before we left and the lady went a little trigger-happy with the spray-gun. It’s much more subtle in person :) and I personally enjoyed being the tannest person around for miles!

We spent Friday shmoozing, shopping (we bought matching friendship bracelets and promptly put them on - yes we are grownups), and hanging with Floff’s fam -- her mom made us a gourmet Italian feast and we ate outside by the pool with her parents, younger sis Jac, and two beloved dogs. So fab!

Saturday morning, we headed down to San Francisco! Being a Texan and having only lived in California for 2 years, GB had never been to San Fran, so we needed to do some touristy stuff for her. We headed to the Ferry Building to walk around the farmer’s market there and ate lunch at a little seafood restaurant on the water.

I also insisted on going back to the indoor food stalls, where exactly a year ago, I came with my family and ate THE BEST oyster of my life. I seriously talked about that oyster for months afterwards. Here’s last year’s pic:

This time, I ran back to the oyster stall and bought two, but was a little nervous. Could it top last year’s oyster? Answer: FUCK YES. It was seriously one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth. Could I look any happier?

We were then joined by Floff’s friend Tina, and the four of us continued on to Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghiradelli Square. It was SO windy outside (I am not showing you any of my pictures, I look like Cousin It) so we sought refuge inside. Floff knew just the place -- she headed directly for Crown & Crumpet for afternoon tea.

HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS. Close your eyes for a second and picture if Jordan Silverman and the color pink and this blog were all wrapped up in a STORE. That’s what this place looked like. Crowns everywhere and signs proclaiming Long Live the Queen and hot pink chairs and candy everywhere and sparkly chandeliers. OMG, I was DYING.

We drank tea and ate some scones and I spent way too long in the gift shop buying things probably intended for five-year olds, and it was AMAZING. If you go to San Fran, you MUST go there!

After that, we checked in to a hotel in the city for the night, and got ready for an evening out on the town! After an amazing dinner at Ristobar (I highly recommend the shrimp risotto), we took a cab to Polk Street, this fun area with tons of bars and clubs. We first headed to a little dive bar and I ordered a sweet tea vodka lemonade (you know I’m a sucker for sweet tea, and vodka is my drink of choice - how could I not?), but before I could really start drinking it, Floff wanted to leave. “Hurry up and finish your drink!” she said. I really didn’t want to get a brain-freeze, so I improvised. I stuck my drink (in its cute plastic cup) in my pants and headed out the door. Brilliant, right? Except that the next place we headed had a line, so I had to wait in the San Francisco cold weather with a glass of vodka in my pants for 20 minutes. Just a regular occurrence, no big deal.

this is my best "i have vodka in my pants" face.

We finally got in to the bar and danced the night away. Floff met a handsome Spaniard man who followed her around the whole night, and I was alternately fascinated/frightened by this insane-looking woman in cargo pants, who spent the night dancing crazily BY HERSELF next to the fireplace. We couldn’t tell if she was on E, or just a shitty dancer. At one point, the bartender said to us, “You’re beautiful, but you have a lot of drama.” Yup, sounds about right. I showed off my best dance moves to Britney and Gaga and we drank and danced til they announced last call. AMAZING!

Sunday we woke up bright and early (okay, 10:30 but we were hungover, so sue me) and headed off to this fantastic brunch place, Ella’s, for yet another meal :) Floff had taken me to Ella’s last time I visited her, years ago -- I ordered my very first eggs benedict there and fell in love, so I insisted on going back. And guess who showed up to meet us!?

Yes, my darling Chech made a special appearance! I was so happy all I could do was clap my hands and scream. I miss her weird little face and red hairs SOOO MUCH and I was so happy to see her, squeeze her, and of course, let her eat off my plate :)

After brunch we met up with Floff’s older sister, Nicole, and she took us to Union Street, this cute little street with tons of restaurants and stores, and we walked around all afternoon. Regarding the shopping department: I was SO good - I only bought a necklace and a little leopard pouch. GO ME. It was a lovely day, not too cold and not too windy, and I got to walk her cute little dog :) Floff took us to the airport a few hours later and I was sad to say goodbye, but I wasn’t TOO sad - she’s coming to LA next month!

All in all, a very fun weekend. I really love San Francisco. I feel like the city is so full of different types of people and places -- in some areas, I feel just like I’m in New York walking through the middle of Manhattan. Other streets remind me of LA, with good cafes and boutiques and furniture stores. We drove through neighborhoods that reminded me of Madison, Wisconsin and even my beloved Tucson! It’s such a unique city and I can’t wait to go back.

Floff, I miss you already! I can’t wait to come visit again soon!

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Alexandra said...

First of all, you look so tan and beautiful in all of your photos! Second" you look like you had the best time. I hope you went to blue bottle while you were in the ferry building - the world's best iced coffee :) love you! Can't wait to see you when I'm back in town!