Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pretty Polished

Have you ever read the Shopaholic series? Sophie Kinsella’s series follows a girl, Becky Bloomwood, who CAN’T STOP SHOPPING. There is a part in the first book that I love - Becky is in a mall helping the guy she likes look for luggage, which doesn’t fall under the category of things she usually shops for, so she feels a little out of her element.

“I’m quite thrown. Quite shocked by myself. Luggage. Why on earth have I never considered luggage before?” she says. “How can I just have blithely led my life ignoring an entire retail sector?”

That quote sums up exactly how I feel about nail polish these days :) How is it possible that I have NEVER shopped for nail polish before? 99% of the time, I get my nails done the exact same way - a French manicure on my fingers and some form of hot pink on my toes. I have friends who swear by certain colors and wait anxiously for OPI and Essie to release their new lines every year. This is not me at all.

But lately, I am obsessed. And as we all know, my obsessions usually have to do with things that are pink!

Here’s a few that I’ve picked up lately:

OPI Aphrodite's Pink Nightie

Lola by ZOYA

Essie's Jewel

And here are some that I have my eye on -- might need to go get these ASAP!

Essie's Anniversary Gala

OPI Shorts Story

And finally, I know that this one isn’t pink, but I am SERIOUSLY IN LOVE with Essie’s new color, Turquoise & Caicos -- my toes are currently painted with it, and I can’t stop staring at them and admiring how cute and summery they look!

Happy Wednesday! XOXO


Julee said...

Essie Bachelorette Bash

Larissa said...

i am ADDICTED to buying nail polish. Buy it on amazon, it is always sooooo much cheaper than the stores. i have the turquoise and caicos, and i love it as well. :)

Lady in Red said...

They discontinued dim sum plum! it's OPI