Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Recent Tantrums

A recent gchat conversation:

me: i think im gonna do a post on recent tantrums

alyssa.schaffer: you could do that every day

Everybody gets mad sometimes. I just like to express it louder than most people.

You might say that having a small tantrum is something that only a toddler does, but I disagree. I’d rather have my fit, whine for a few minutes, and get it out of the way so I can go on with my day rather than sit and sulk for hours.

It’s funny - I’ve never been happier than I am these days, but this morning I was thinking about all the irritating things that have caused me to throw a tiny fit lately. So I thought, why not share the irritation with all of you? Maybe you can relate :)

Domestic Inability - Recently I attempted to do a relatively simple task - cook a small personal pizza in the oven. I turned the oven on (for the second time in my life - ahem), slid the pizza in, and set the timer for 10 minutes - following ALL directions. Six minutes in, the smoke alarm goes off and starts BLARING. I was all alone in my apartment and was SO EMBARRASSED. Cut to me jumping around my den waving a dishtowel in front of the smoke alarm until it finally went off and I collapsed on my floor in defeat. Then I called my mom and whined about how useless I am in the kitchen, and then microwaved a Lean Cuisine for lunch. You guys, I TRIED. But I guess domestic life is not for me.

Stupid CPK - Yesterday Greene attempted to order her usual Santa Fe Chicken Pizza, only to be told by the ponytailed male waiter, “Sorry girl! We don’t make that anymore.” Cue GREAT irritation. (Okay, this was Greene’s tantrum, but I completely empathize. When CPK took their Garlic Chicken Potato pizza off the menu back in 2004, I seriously almost took out the entire staff of the Encino location.)

Toilet Drama - The stupid toilet in my bathroom has been misbehaving for days. I went to Newport on Friday afternoon and returned home on Sunday to find, of all things, BUBBLES in my toilet and foam leaking out the sides onto the floor. UH, not okay. The plumber came and spent an hour poking around and making noise as I attempted to watch Saved By the Bell, which I had to give up when he started banging on things. Finally, he came out - “I’ve never heard of bubbles in someone’s toilet before, but oh well. All fixed!” - and left me in peace and quiet. For about five minutes. Then I walked back into the bathroom and the toilet was already making noises. FAIL.

Israel - I miss Israel. I want to move there. Everytime I mention that, the parents change the subject and pretend like I am not there. UGH!

Lack of sun - Attention, Southern California? IT’S JULY. What is with the gloom and doom? Usually, I am ALL for cold weather (I like my winter clothes way better than my summer clothes - I hands down prefer sweaters and boots over shorts and t-shirts) but I spent a great deal of time working on my tan whilst hiking mountains in Israel, and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to keep it going, at least til my birthday party! THIS IS LA. PEOPLE COME HERE FOR THE WEATHER. Sun, come out, come out, wherever you are!

Oh wait! I just looked out the window and the sun IS out, so I’m cutting this post short and going outside RIGHT NOW!

No more tantrums for me today! Happy Tuesday to all of you :)


Diana said...

You're going to have to learn to do at least a FEW things in the kitchen! Come over! I'll teach you! (I'm dead serious!)

And I totally agree with you about having a tantrum when restaurants take their best items off the menu. (WHAT?!) Cheesecake Factory took their Warm Vegetable Pasta Salad off the menu probably aroud the year you were born, but I'm still RAVING MAD!

I'm also sorry to tell you that I'm totally with your parents on the subject of moving to Israel. NOT happening! (I think I've mentioned before how much I love your parents and I've never even met them! Oh-maybe I met your mom once for a minute, but you know...)

And HOORAY for the sun today! HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY! (But DAMN! I'm stuck inside on the 7th floor.) :-(

P.S. Call the plumber back and demand a complete fix!

Pearl said...

Pearl--so you don't answer the comments, I see. :(