Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sitting Pretty in Pink

I’m still having a little bit of a “Why am I still not in Israel” tantrum -- I’d much rather be singing into the bus microphone and eating schwarma and laffa on the street or drinking ice caffes in coffee shops or even (WHO AM I?) sleeping in a Bedouin tent right about now.

But it’s Wednesday. And I take Wednesdays very seriously. If I missed a Wednesday, who on this earth would provide you with your weekly dose of pink shit? :)

Whenever I’m gone on one of these trips, I get about 300 emails that I’m forced to sort through once I get home. Since the majority of them are from shopping websites, I’ve taken to just scanning through them to make sure I’m not missing anything big and then just deleting the whole batch. So when I got home on Sunday, I started doing just that. But then one caught my eye.

It was from my friend Jessica. “HI - PINK THINGS!!!!!” was the subject line. Obviously, I opened it. Inside, she wrote “You realize you need these, right?” and included a link. So I clicked it. And GASPED.

If ever a piece of furniture existed that screams JORDAN MARISA ROSE, these chairs are it. Holy hell, I NEED these. They don’t match my apartment decor and I have absolutely nowhere to put them, but who cares? They would make me happy every time I saw them and for that reason alone they must be mine.

Somewhere in Memphis, Jacob is probably having a conniption (I sense as though the conservative furniture store owner inside him does not approve of hot pink and leopard chairs), and I can literally see my mother rolling her eyes as she reads this, but I do not care. Someday, those chairs will be mine!

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