Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let's Talk About Pink Shoes. Again.

I know just a few weeks ago we were talking about ridiculously high, ridiculously expensive, ridiculously amazing pink high heels, but guess what? We’re gonna talk about them again.

I don’t know how or why I never got into the whole Net-a-Porter website thing, but can I just say, it’s a DAMN good thing I didn’t. I passionately love 99.99% of the stuff on their website, and I can afford about 13.8% of it. I think subconsciously, my brain is like, “Jord, don’t even go there. It will only end in tears.”

My sister sent me a link to these shoes a few weeks ago and I literally could not even click the link to see how much they cost until yesterday. I shouldn’t have done it. Now when I close my eyes, all I see are these:

Besides being hot pink, they also feature two of my three other favorite colors (yellow and purple, if you’re curious. They’re missing turquoise.) Suffice to say, I love them insanely and want them desperately.

MR. LOUBOUTIN! My birthday is around the corner! Please send me some gifts!



Weirdly since I am not usually into so much color (I love high heels though) I enjoy these very much. Probably not appropriate for a rabbi to wear them anyway which is good since I can't afford them. Though I do wonder what might you wear when you don these shoes?

Anonymous said...

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