Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pink Party Overload!

So! It’s Wednesday, and by now I trust that you all know what we do around here on Wednesdays. Yep, we talk about pink shit. And since my party was only a few days ago, and my brain is still wired to ONLY talk about the party, we’re going to talk about the pink shit that was AT the party!

First and foremost: THE CANDY TABLE.

So every single person who attended my party went batshit insane over the candy table. Seriously, I wish people liked ME half as much as they liked my candy table. Martha Jewart and I are very pleased about this: we worked long and hard on that candy table and it turned out FABULOUS!

We picked a theme (pink and white candy) and bought lots of different sized/shaped glass containers (you can find these anywhere - we had a lot cuz my mom is nuts, but you can find cheap ones at Michaels, Marshalls, Ross Dress for Less, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc). Then we headed downtown to Jack’s Wholesale Candy, which I HIGHLY recommend - they help people with candy tables all the time and were very knowledgeable about which different kinds of pink/white candy would be most popular and most delicious, plus they sell in bulk so we had plenty (and TONS of leftovers! Anyone want to come over?)

We ended up buying pink/white marshmallows, pink mints, Good & Plenty, strawberry saltwater taffys, sour watermelon chews, pink foil-covered chocolate hearts, pink chocolate balls, white Jordan almonds, and white rock candy sticks that my mom personalized with tiny pink bows. She also bought small marshmallows, stuck them on sticks, and rolled them in pink sprinkles, and covered long pretzel logs with pink chocolate as well. We also laid out clear plastic bags and tiny Chinese takeaway containers for people to fill up with treats to take home. (Remember how I said she was taking the theme too far? Well, she did, but she did it well. I love you Mama!)

(Let me be dead serious here for a second: if you would like to have a candy table at a party or dinner or event you are throwing, you can absolutely hire my mom to do it. It was so easy for her and she is so talented and creative at those sorts of things that I seriously think she should go into business doing it professionally. HIRE HER.)

Moving on! What other kinds of pink stuff did we have? Well, we hung these pink paper lanterns from wires through the trees:

And we rented pink linens, which looked gorgeous with our centerpieces: tiny white votive candles surrounding these white table lanterns (filled with fat pink candles):

We ordered three different kinds of cupcakes from Yummy Cupcakes, which I also highly recommend. Very reasonably priced, delicious, and adorable! We went for Happy Day (vanilla cake with pink buttercream frosting and rainbow sprinkles), traditional Red Velvet, and my personal favorite that I’m still dreaming about, Chocolate Salty Caramel. YUM.

I’m making it sound like we only served dessert - NO SIR. The wonderful people at Starlite Caterers did an amazing job with our food -- we served baby sliders, hot dogs and corndogs (because of my love of any and all tubular meats), french fries in cones with different dipping sauces, spicy tuna cones, Chinese chicken salad, and buffalo chicken wings. As for drinks, I’m a vodka girl through and through, so we mixed up a bunch of batches of frozen pink lemonade/vodka slushies, sangria, and fresh margaritas, in addition to a lot of beer :) YUM!

Also, here is a copy of the stickers we put on the candy table bags - my good friend Merav designed them (and my matching invitations), and she did an amazing job! She has a side business doing invitations and graphic design and can make anything you need for your party, so if you’re interested in hiring her, please contact me and I’ll pass on her info!

And finally, HERE is the link to my gorgeous pink DKNY dress, which is now on sale for insanely cheap, and I won’t be offended if you run out and get it! (I actually just ordered the grey one too!)

And now, just for shits and giggles, a few fun party pics :)

Whew! I love it. Now if you want to throw a pink party, no need to do any work - just copy what my mom did and your party will be as gorgeous as mine was!

Happy Wednesday yall! XOXOXO

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Ellory said...

notice yummy cupcakes' chef's 18-year old daughter's name?

and i had a fab time by the way!