Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All This Fabulous Pink - How Do I Choose?!

The internet is a wonderful place.

Yesterday, my friend Amanda emailed me. “You NEED to check out this website. It’s called Iomoi - I love it and I know you will too,” she wrote. “Let me know what you get!”

I love it. Without me even looking at the website, she knew I was going to be buying things from it. Obviously, I went ahead and clicked.

UM. Where has this website been all my life? I love every single thing on it. You all know I die over color and pattern - and this website has it IN SPADES. And the best part is, pink is everywhere!

Seriously - there are TEN things in my cart right now. I’m not exaggerating, I want it all - the canvas bags and the business cards and the customized matchboxes and the iceboxes. And don’t even get me started on the lucite trays. It’s the number one thing I want in life right now (um, other than world peace). I literally spend hours googling lucite trays online. Please don’t judge me.

I can’t make a decision on which tray I want (why do I have a feeling this is going to end in me getting TWO!?), so in the meantime, I will go ahead and get these amazing address labels:

The only problem is, what color!? I am also LOVING these patterns:

Pink, leopard, polka dot, ikat, zigzag - what’s a girl to do? If you are so inclined (and I do hope you are), please leave me a comment and let me know which ones you like best! If you do, I might send you a handwritten thank-you note - complete with a fabulous address label that you helped me choose! :)

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sarg said...

LOVE the big first label you posted. How sick is that font for the family name? They would live on Park Avenue...obviously. I also like the black and white design with the pink box for your address (second from the bottom).