Monday, September 20, 2010

Call It, I Need A Wallet

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for me to buy a new wallet.

I’ve been using my current wallet for about two and a half years. Actually, that’s a lie. I’ve been using my current wallet for about six months, but before that, I had the exact same one that I used for two years until it fell apart. Then I walked into Bailey’s closet and stole hers (yup, we had the exact same one). It’s a pale gold woven wallet, similar to the one above, and it cost $30 from Steve Madden. A bargain!

But it is time for a new one. So obviously, I turned to my trusty pal The Internet, and have been searching and searching for a good one. I can’t rush this purchase - a wallet is something you use every day, so you gotta make sure you get the right one. I carry around lots of credit cards, gift cards, coupons, etc, so I need a wallet with plenty of slots, plus an inner pocket for coins, and I need it to be in a durable fabric, since it's thrown into my purse alongside my keys, so it gets scratched up a lot. Let the search begin!

Whenever I see fancy wallets in department stores or boutiques and contemplate buying them, my mom always says the same thing: “If you buy that wallet, you won’t have any money left to put in it!” She’s right, of course, and for the record, I do think that spending hundreds of dollars on a wallet is ludicrous when there’s so many cute affordable options out there. But if I were going to break the bank on this purchase, I’d either go for this Balenciaga one (such a pretty violet color) or this insane navy patent leather Chanel. Unbelievable!

On the flip side, if you buy a cheap wallet, you’ll have tons of cash to keep inside it - you could even buy two! These two from Forever 21 are so inexpensive! Since I am attracted to glitter/sparkle in all forms, I am liking this gold Forever 21 choice a lot, but I love the color on this kelly green foldover wallet/clutch combo so much that I just bought it! How could I not, for this cheap?

These two are more in my price range - they’re both under $200, which I think is reasonable, and they’re both really fun! I love the quotes on these JKC wallet (seriously, go check out her site), but I am very much drawn to the pattern on the Marc by Marc Jacobs - black and white leopard spots? Yes please.

And finally, the wallet that started me on this whole quest. When I last saw my sister, she announced, “I bought something you’re going to die over!” and pulled this out of her bag.

Um. Let me get this straight, Bailey. You bought a shiny gold leopard print wallet edged with hot pink trim and you DIDN’T buy me one? WTF!?

That wallet screams my name like nothing else and I’m pretty sure I have to make it mine. I’ll keep yall posted!

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