Friday, October 22, 2010

Back to Black

I am a colorful person. Given the choice, I would always rather wear something bright than basic black.

Last week, on ONE particular day, three separate people stepped into my closet in my apartment and said "Whoa, that's a lot of color." I like interesting prints and patterns and if they happen to come in colors like pink and red and purple and yellow, all the better. I will never be the girl wearing jeans and a black top out to the bar. I think I'd rather die.

That being said, I have found myself admiring MANY things lately (as usual), but in a strange twist of events, I'm finding myself oddly drawn to things in the darkest shade of them all. Maybe I should blame it on the weather? It has been rather gloomy out....

They say once you go black, you never go back. (Yes, I just went there.) I don't know if that's true, but here's what I'm loving right now!

Earlier in the week, a friend and I set out to kill some time before dinner, and of course that time was spent in the Beverly Center buying things I do not need. After trying on shoes in Steve Madden and Coach, we stopped into Nine West, and I found these insane shoes on the sale rack, marked down to $35! Now, I recognize that the bow is massive. I think that's what makes them so charming! The bow is seriously huge and extends at least two inches off each side of the shoe. They kind of remind me of clown shoes, but in the best possible way. (Do not call me Bozo. I will get mad.)

Oh wait. Those bow shoes may be going back to the store, because I just stumbled upon a situation on, and that situation is called SPARKLY BLACK GLITTER TORY BURCH FLATS. Um, yeah. Gonna need these. This is the type of shoe that I can justify spending more money on, because this is something I would wear every day. And yes, I consider shoes with massive amount of glitter to be every day items. You don't? :)

Every single day of her life, my bestie Rebecca Gerrick wakes up and puts a fucking headband on her head, and every single day, I yell at her. Headbands are a special accessory. They are not meant to be worn with every outfit you own, unless you are a four-year old girl. I stand by this rule wholeheartedly. HOWEVER, I may have recently broken it. While browsing in my own personal Mecca (why yes, by that I do mean a Forever 21 accessories-only store), I found this crochet headband, and the rule flew out the window since I kind of want to wear it every day. It is cozy and warm and fits snugly over my ears, which will keep them warm. This will come in handy over New Year's Eve weekend, when I am skiing in Denver with the besties. I don't plan on taking it off... that is, unless Gerrick steals it from me.

Speaking of things that are cozy and warm, I can't get enough of this star-patterned scarf. It's seriously so freaking cute - I could think of a jillion different outfits it would go perfectly with! I guess that's the great thing about wearing black - it goes with everything and can tone it down or make it fancier. I'm not spending $200 on it, so I need to find a knockoff and get to planning ensembles quick!

Continuing on my quest to mentally redecorate my apartment every other day or so, I have BIG plans to eventually use these amazing little knobs on some sort of dresser or armoire. I am literally freaking out over their cuteness - how amazing would they be on a turquoise piece of furniture (like the one my friend Erica made)? I love the gold detail in the center and the black and white spots... and for $8 I think I need to make them mine. I SENSE A PROJECT COMING ON.

When it gets cold outside, I basically wear the same thing every day - a dress with a long cardigan, boots, and tights. It's my cold weather uniform and it gets me through those long and gruesome LA winters when it's a freezing 62 degrees outside :) Usually, I wear a solid pair of opaque tights from Hue and call it a day, but sometimes when I am feeling like I need a little extra something, I wear a patterned pair. I have fishnets (too sexy for work) and paisley-print (can only wear those with a plain dress), but my polka-dot tights are my favorite - they go with everything and make me feel so sassy! Mine were a limited-edition DKNY pair, but these look almost identical. So cute!

OH TRA LA LA LOVING THIS. This is what I like to call a delightful little treat - a skirt that looks sensible but upon closer look, is actually covered with tulle and sequins. It is also perfect for a holiday party, with a white T-shirt, a sick necklace, black tights, and black booties. Now, I need to figure out how I can get away with wearing this to work, and all will be right and sparkly with the world.

Looking at this list of things I've compiled, I've come to a conclusion. Black is great - it's easy and simple and sophisticated. But I can't even do black without adding a little extra sassy something! Bows, sparkles, stars, glitter... I'm a creature of habit. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

Here's to a fantastic weekend! See yall Monday :)

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katmcd said...

Those glitter shoes are an absolute must. I will now be heading over to her website to take a look for myself.