Monday, October 4, 2010

Back to Work

So today was the big day - the Queen went back to work!

Last night, I set my alarm for freakishly early, made my roommate promise to check that I was up in the morning, got in bed, fell asleep, and proceeded to wake up every hour on the hour to check the clock, convinced I was going to oversleep. I always do that - I can never get a good night’s sleep the night before a big event. (I think it’s a Silverwoman thing - my mom does that too).

Anyways, I popped out of bed five minutes before my alarm, put a pretty face on while dancing to Carrie Underwood music, packed up some snacks (an Asian pear and some sugar snap peas... in a purple Tory Burch clutch. Yeahhhhh.), and headed out the door, only to find...



Whatever. I was way too proud of my outfit (black pencil skirt, colorful silk Tucker blouse, black cardigan, and suede round-toe wedges) to go back in and change. So instead I froze my tush off (HELLO 60 degrees!) walking around without an umbrella. Ah, suffering for fashion. But what can ya do?

The day was good - I sat in on some meetings, had lunch with my new team, and fantasized about how I’m going to decorate my office space. I’m thinking I may wait more than 48 hours before whipping out the sorority girl photos and hot pink highlighters :)

It feels good to be back in the working world. I like meeting new people and doing new things and writing, and this job incorporates all of that - so I think I’m gonna like it a lot. But honestly, I don’t have a ton else to say today (quick, write the date down!) - I’m tired and still a little overwhelmed, but I didn’t want yall to think I forgot you. I could never! (SBG, please stop freaking out - the new job does not mean the end of the blog.) I promise!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a nice long fun post! And now, this working girl is OFF TO BED!

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