Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Furniture Man

I am really jealous of Jacob.

Right now, he is being a very busy and important furniture salesman at the High Point Furniture Market in North Carolina. I’m not exactly sure what he does there, but I am fairly certain it involves him walking around and picking out the new pieces he wants to buy and sell for his store, Samuels Furniture.

Jacob and I both love furniture, but we have VERY different tastes. He prefers things that are brown, wooden, and from the 1960s. I prefer things that are colorful, lacquered, and very modern. We once went furniture shopping together at HD Buttercup and I think the only thing we could agree on in the entire store was a vase. (And I didn’t really like it. I lied.)

This means that he will occasionally send me links to things he likes and I will find them wholly unappealing and respond back saying “YUCK”, and I will send him emails with subject lines like “OMFG I NEED THIS”, to which he will respond “That is gross. No you don’t.”

The man is not a fan of pink. Of this I am well aware. I can do nothing to sway him.

BUT! For the past several days, every time I check my phone, I have a new text, tweet, or email telling me about all the new HOT PINK, COLORFUL, LACQUERED, SHINY, MODERN FURNITURE he is seeing at the market!

the photo that started it all.

emailed at the ungodly hour of 8:45 in the morning.

And I am jealous. So I kind of want to smack him. EVERYTHING he sends me is something I want. Hot pink dining room chairs with matching cushions? Yes please. Colorful patterned upholstered ottomans with secret pockets for shoes? Yes please. Rainbow colored canvas paintings? Yes please. I WANT IT ALL.

photo credit

I am trying to figure out how I can finagle an invitation to next year’s furniture market. Previously, I had less than zero interest in attending, but now that I know there are things that are shiny and pink being sold, I think I am going to need to make an appearance. (I’m sure Jacob and his father will LOVE that).

Anywho. This is just a story I find amusing. But in other Jacob-related news, TODAY IS HIS BIRTHDAY!

Jake is the best guy I know. His taste in furniture may be a little suspect, but he is fun and smart and kind and hilarious. And today he is one year older!

Happy birthday to my best friend. Love your face and miss you lots!


Sophie Pyle said...

Thanks for linking back--make sure he has a LILLY room in his store! ;)

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1azerus said...
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