Friday, October 8, 2010

Leopard Love

I could have sworn I’d done a post featuring leopard print things before. How could I not? But I just went through my archives and apparently I haven’t - so we’re gonna need to remedy that immediately.

I LOVE leopard print. It’s equal parts classy, sassy, glamorous, and a tiny bit white trash... which is basically my dream come true :) I wear something leopard print almost every day - I own leopard print dresses, heels, flats, shirts, hair clips, and purses. And if for some reason leopard isn’t on my body, I’m still representing - my cell phone cover is leopard print, my makeup bag is leopard print, and my credit card is leopard print. Yup, dead serious.

If you’re not leopard obsessed like I am, I know it seems like it might be a little hard to wear. But that’s why God created accessories - to add little pops of color and sass to your outfit! So here we go - a whole assortment of leopard accessories I’ve been loving lately!

I started thinking about leopard accessories a few days ago - I had brunch with my friend Katie over the weekend and she and I popped into the Gap next door afterwards. While browsing, we saw these on the rack and couldn’t stop talking about how cute they are. They also look SO comfy, and I love the purple trim.

I bought this belt last week during the Bloomingdales Friends & Family sale (don’t ask me what ELSE I bought! My god, I can do a lot of damage), and I’m really excited to wear it. It’s actually reversible - one side is glossy black patent leather, and the other is fuzzy leopard print - and for only $38, the price is totally reasonable.

Lately, when it’s time to get dressed to go out, I’ve been bypassing my stilettos and putting on wedges. They’re so much more comfortable than spike heels or crazy platforms, and frankly, comfort is everything when you just wanna go dance! I’ve had my eye on these for a while - I got a giftcard to Nordstrom for my birthday, and I’m thinking I may need to use it on these!

I don’t even know what to say about this Kate Spade bag, I love it THAT MUCH. Here’s a secret: I actually own it in gold leathers (a birthday present from RF and JT), but I am SERIOUSLY considering buying it in this print, too. HELLO - look at the SEQUINS! I love it insane amounts and need it to come live in my closet forever.

Speaking of Kate Spade, things that I own, and my birthday, I actually got this 2-in-1 cosmetic bag set at the Kate Spade outlet on my actual birthday, in a different print, but hey - nothing compares to leopard. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a new makeup bag - it seriously fits everything, wipes clean easily, and has a smaller bag inside that’s perfect for travel. It would make a great gift!

I just asked my roommate (who works for Oliver Peoples) if OP makes leopard print sunglasses. The answer is no. So until then, I shall rock these Betsey Johnson leopard print Raybans - amazing! They also come in Ivory and Fuchsia, but I like the original Expresso brown the best. So cute!

And finally, I know that this technically isn’t an accessory, but I stare at this picture every single day. Lauren Conrad tweeted a picture of her leopard nails a few weeks ago, and I CANNOT HANDLE THE AMAZINGNESS. I realize that on the fine line between leopard glam and leopard trashy, these are a little trailer park-ish, but I honestly don’t care. I will rock these nails in the future - you can count on it!

Writing this post just made me so happy. I can never get enough of all this leopard stuff! What about you - are you a fellow leopard lover? If so, what’s your favorite leopard piece? Leave me a comment and let me know.

I’m off to figure out how I can incorporate these leopard balloons into Anna’s baby shower decor. She’s having a boy, so this isn’t gonna be easy :)

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