Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Totally Obsessed Again

A few months ago I did a fun little post about some things I was loving lately. Lots of you tell me your favorite posts are the ones when I compile lists of all the shit I obsess about daily, so I’m considering making it a regular feature... so without further ado, here’s my list for Totally Obsessed Tuesday!

You guys. Please don’t judge me for this. But I have a confession: I’ve been watching the Jersey Shore. AND IT IS AWESOME. Honestly, I did not watch the first season (and quite frankly, looked down on those who did), but when I was in New York last month, my cousins were watching and I got hooked like it was actual crack. I seriously laugh for an HOUR straight. Between the fistfights, the gossiping, the insane comments, the club scenes, and the general trashiness, I cannot get enough. You know how on every season of the Real World, every cast member was boring except for that one insane white trash moron? The beauty of Jersey Shore is that EVERY cast member is the insane white trash moron. It is reality trash at its finest and I highly recommend it - it’ll make you feel great about your own life.

As you have read, one of my best friends is having a BABY! Whenever she’s around, it’s all I can talk about (much to Anna’s irritation) - I am so excited. That excitement definitely extends to buying things for the baby - after all, I AM the shopping maven of the universe, and this is way too fun to not go wild. No store is safe from me - I will pick up onesies, baby shoes, blankets, and clothes from anywhere and everywhere. What’s the point of having a baby around if you can’t spoil it with Juice Couture Baby sneakers and tiny Rock & Republic jeans?!

While we’re on the subject of shopping, I must of course mention my perpetual love for the Bloomingdales Friends & Family sale. Bloomies holds this sale a few times a year, and quite frankly I use it to go insane and buy all the things I want but can’t really afford without a 20% off coupon. I did quite well this round (if I do say so myself) - my best score was this studded Marc Jacobs sweater. Can’t wait to wear it!

Time for a short product review -- last week when I was in Austin, all my friends visiting from out of town and I stayed with my good friend Alyssa at her apartment. In addition to crashing on her couch and playing in her closet, I also showered in her shower and used all her products (thanks Lyss!) And now, thanks to Alyssa’s stash of beauty products in her shower, I have a new obsession - Clean & Clear Morning Burst In Shower Facial. After I used it in Texas, I bought it here and have been using it every other day, and my skin is so clear and soft. So good and so cheap - I love it!

And finally, Los Angeles’ version of Restaurant Week, DINELA, started yesterday and I am super pumped. This year DINELA runs from October 3-8 and 10-15 (two weeks, excluding Saturday nights) and the list of participating restaurants is quite impressive. I’ve had my reservations booked for weeks - I’m trying some new places (Michael Mina’s XIV and Mark Peel’s The Tar Pit) and of course, hitting up my all-time favorite place, The Bazaar, with a group of my friends next Friday night. I can’t wait!

I like writing about all the things I love - it makes me happy! What about all of you - what are you totally obsessed with these days? Fill a girl in :)

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Diana M. said...

Hey - if you're dying to buy amazingly awesome baby stuff, don't forget about my friend's fantastic store - Tough Cookies. (On Ventura just east of Woodman on the south side of the street.) You will LOVE it there! My friend Shannon will take great care of you!