Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fit For A Queen

When I was in New York over the weekend, I met a few friends for lunch in the city. I hadn’t seen Elianna for months - since she moved out of LA, actually, and to my surprise and delight, within the first few minutes of reuniting in a sushi restaurant on the Upper West side, she pulled something out of her purse and presented it to me.

It was the cutest magnet I’d ever seen - shaped like a crown, emblazoned with bright pink letters announcing “ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU TREAT ME NO DIFFERENTLY THAN A QUEEN.”

“I had to get it for you,” she said. “It screamed QUEEN!”

That got me thinking. What other items exist out there in the wide world of shopping that are queen-themed? And more importantly, why do I not own all these items?

Actually, I do own a few of them. Not all of them, but a few of them. And every time I look at them I am filled with a great sense of joy. I feel that way whenever I wear my little crown earrings:

Or when I hang something on one of my "royal" hooks:

Or when I am brushing my teeth or doing my hair and I catch a glimpse of this fantastic picture frame balanced on the edge of my bathtub. Yep, that says QUEEN BITCH.

So yes, I have a few, but I’m always looking for more. I stumbled upon this little novelty mug in Bed Bath & Beyond a few weeks ago, and shrieked in the middle of the store. I was on my way out when I saw it and didn’t have time to run back in and buy it, but rest assured, it will be mine one of these days:

Months before I even got my drivers permit, I came across the cutest thing in a random pharmacy one day - a little silver tchotchke that you hang from your rear view mirror that announces “QUEEN OF THE ROAD!” I fell in love and instantly bought it, and it’s hung from the rearview mirror in every single car I’ve ever driven since then. I can’t find a photo online to show with you, but I did find these cute little magnets that say the same thing. Amazing! I may need to start a collection of queen-themed magnets :)

And finally, something I’ve been eyeing for quite some time now - this adorable little crown pillow I found whilst trolling the internet late one night. I WANT THIS. And I want it ESPECIALLY BAD because one Mr. Jacob C. Samuels told me he was going to buy it for me. HMPH. Now I am calling him out on the internet because I love love love it and so far, it has not shown up on my doorstep :(

As a friendly reminder, may I request that if you are out and about and happen to come across something queen-themed, kindly take a photo of said object and send it to me so that I may feature it on my blog. Barring that, you could always just, you know, buy it for me :)

The Queen loves stuff, but there’s nothing I love more than QUEEN-THEMED stuff!

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