Monday, November 1, 2010


I hate cats. I am not a cat person. I often refer to cats as “living furniture.”

For some reason, that did not stop me from dressing up as a cat for Halloween.

I had originally planned on being a ballerina. Um, hello, any opportunity to wear a tutu is gladly welcomed in my book. However, I foolishly thought that I still owned a tutu (from the last time I dressed up as a ballerina for Halloween, in 2006) and discovered fairly late in the game (ie, hours before a Halloween party on Saturday afternoon) that it had disappeared.

Thus, that was indeed me you saw at AAHS at 4:00pm, frantically running around trying on things like mouse ears and large sunglasses. Behold:

Not my best look. So instead I was a cat. Not very exciting. It didn’t take much effort, either, and why bother dressing up if you’re not going to put in effort? (Can you tell I’m a little bitter? You’re talking to the girl who spent two hours rolling fucking Diet Coke cans in her hair for the Lady Gaga concert. I’m disappointed in myself.)

I wore a tight black dress, black tights, black boots, and a fur vest, and I had a furry black tail and little black ears to complete the look. Also, I convinced Alexandra to draw a little cat nose and whiskers on my face:

I debuted my dazzling cat costume at a fun little house party, where I was Blair’s guest -- here we are looking stunning. She is Sandy from the end of Grease (she wanted an excuse to wear her new leather leggings, and I do not blame her!)

I didn’t take many pictures, but here’s a cute one of me and some fellow graduates of the Milken Community High School class of 2003. (YES, THERE IS MY AMAZING MAGIC SEQUIN BAG. ISN’T IT GORGEOUS!)

And obviously I got into some sparkle. Don’t leave your glitter confetti unattended around me:

A great deal of candy corn was consumed, delicious punch was enjoyed, and I got to wear my fur vest, so all in all, it was a nice night!

And don’t be too sad about the whole non-ballerina thing. A great part about being Jewish is you basically get two Halloweens. WHAT UP PURIM! So, look for me all dressed up then. I’ll be the one in the tutu :)

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Aliya said...

I do have a tutu if you need to borrow one for Purim.