Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Queen's Guide to Gifts

It’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving is next week and the holidays are rounding the bend. This is one of my favorite times of year, and not just because it’s more socially acceptable to be found blowing your paycheck in a mall :)

As we have covered ad nauseam on the blog, I loooove getting presents. BUT! A fun fact about JMS is that I love GIVING presents just as much as I love getting them. I pride myself on being a thoughtful and unique gift-giver, and it truly makes me giddy like a child when I hand someone a present and get to watch them open it and squeal with delight :)

You longtime readers will remember that last year, I made a Gift Guide. I still stand by everything I mentioned last year -- all great and thoughtful ideas for presents. But it’s a new year, so it’s time for a new list!

Great Gift Option #1 - A Personalized Longchamp

Everybody needs a bag like the Longchamp Le Pliage tote. It’s practical, it’s durable, it’s lightweight, it holds a ton, it’s equal parts classy and preppy and cute. I love mine - I’ve used it for everything from books and papers in college to my laptop when I travel to a beach bag for sunscreen and towels. They come in tons of colors and best of all, Longchamp is now offering the opportunity to personalize your bag! You can choose your color, your hardware, the size of your handles, and you can emboss or embroider it with the name or initials of your lucky recipient in any color or font you want. A truly special personalized gift!

Great Gift Option #2 - A Snazzy Notepad

Speaking of personalized things... last year I suggested personalized notepads as a great gift, and I still think that’s a phenomenal present - people rarely buy it for themselves and always need it! This year I am loving the ones by Dabney Lee -- you can choose from a million different styles, colors, patterns, and any type of monogram you want, AND they come packaged in an adorable little lucite box, which looks so cute and professional on a desk or in an office. As I type this, I am thinking about how much I want something from this website!

Great Gift Option #3 - A Hold-Everything Travel Case

I travel quite a bit, which means I pack a suitcase quite a bit as well. I used to be terrible at packing, but over the past few years, I’ve become much better at it - I discovered that the trick to packing quickly and efficiently is to have a specific place for everything. I have lingerie bags for undergarments, special bags for my shoes, mesh bags for accessories like belts and headbands, and of course, a gorgeous Kate Spade bag for my makeup and beauty products. I love this bag - it’s actually two in one (there’s a smaller one inside of it), which makes it even easier to find things when I need them in a hurry. This is a great gift for anyone - a world traveler or just someone who likes to stay organized in a super fashionable way!

Great Gift Option #4 - A Magazine Subscription

I LOVE magazines. I get a ton in the mail - Lucky, US Weekly, Glamour, Allure - and I am always so excited when they arrive. And the best part? Every single one of them was a gift - I didn’t pay for any myself. A magazine subscription is the gift that keeps on giving - literally, every single month! Find out a magazine that your loved one is a fan of, and buy them a subscription. It’s a great little luxury that will brighten their whole entire year!

Great Gift Option #5 - Some Pampering

Everybody likes to be pampered. Women love it, and secretly, men do too. I think a great gift is one that appeals to someone’s beauty desires. Does your mom get her nails done every week at the same salon? Get her a manicure/pedicure on you, and throw in a special paraffin wax on top of it. Does your brother love a particular cologne? Splurge on the big bottle for him. I personally would fall over myself in delight if someone got me a big box of Drybar gift certificates, but if you know someone who loves massages or facials or body scrubs, look up spas near them on and get them something relaxing and luxurious!

And if all else fails...

Great Gift Option #6 - The Gift Card

Here are my feelings on gift cards: I have no problem whatsoever with them.

If I have a friend or family member who is particularly difficult to shop for, here is what I do: I ask them sweetly what they would like as a gift. If they do not answer, I ask them again, a little less sweetly. I don’t ask a third time - I go out and buy them a gift card to a store I think they would enjoy.

People, everyone loves gift cards. It’s a gift AND it’s the chance to get exactly what you want - how could that be bad? I don’t agree with those who say gifting someone with a gift card is a cop-out or too impersonal. Buying great gifts is hard. If you don’t have the time or if you’re buying for someone who’s truly difficult, it’s a win-win situation. Three places everyone loves a gift card to? Target, Starbucks, Apple. You can’t go wrong with those three!

So there you have it! Some great gift options for the upcoming holiday season. Now I have gotten myself all riled up and will need to go finalize the Jordan Marisa Rose Silverman 2010 Hanukkah List - coming soon, I promise...

Happy holidays! And happy shopping!


Pearls, Curls, and A Southern Girl said...

Loving the personalized Longchamps!


I have been coveting those darn ugg slippers since last year - and still no one has bought them for me....

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

I just found your blog! I would love to receive just about anything on your list. Especially the Longchamp.