Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weave On

I like when I can figure out what a trend is going to be, way before everyone else. Hence why I am so delighted to be presenting this little vignette on woven leather bags that I discovered all on my own!

(Okay, I have to be honest. I had a little help. My friend Cara showed up at my apartment last week carrying this bag, and I went nuts. I had to have it. When she told me it was from Forever 21, there may have been some gasping and a brief fainting spell. But I recovered, and then I went and dug through the shit in the MASSIVE Glendale Forever 21 to find that fucking bag.)

Anywho. After I bought the bag, I started noticing lots of similar ones (at all price points!) in stores and online. And thus, I have made a collage for you documenting them, so that you may admire and then purchase your own, in order for you, too, to be ahead of the trend. YAY! So thoughtful, I am.

Clockwise from top left:

Great, right? I like them because they’re equal parts classy and bohemian, sophisticated and edgy. I particularly love that red Topshop one with the tassel... may need to track it down when I’m in New York next week.

Weave on! XOXO



NY next week -- hmmm?

Anonymous said...

What? No Bottega Veneta?