Thursday, November 4, 2010

Work Lessons

Today is my one month anniversary of working at my new job! Happy anniversary to me :)

Clearly, I like celebrating anniversaries. (Remember the huge fuss I made when this blog turned one?) I think it’s important to mark occasions when you have accomplished something, no matter how silly or trivial it is. It reminds you of how far you’ve come since starting, and I think that is an interesting way of self-reflection.

This past month has been great! I like my new job - I am constantly busy, which I appreciate (I can’t stand being bored or not having enough to do), and best of all, I really like the people who I work with. I never realized how truly important it is to have a fun and supportive group of colleagues who you enjoy collaborating with - it makes my day so much more pleasant!

So a month! WOO. I have learned many important things at my new job - both serious and silly. Some examples:

I have learned how to work our complicated website.

I have also learned how to kill a roach with a can of bathroom spray.

I have learned all about our organization’s style and branding guide.

I have also learned that the Trimana coffee shop in our building has Twitter.

I have learned about all the different services and programs our organization offers.

I have also learned the importance of using the buddy system while navigating the whole new world of Koreatown.

Just a few examples :) see how my world has already expanded in just one month? Can’t wait to see what lessons the future holds!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!
Don't forget about City Print, throwing money at the problem and hoarding lessons. Wow, if we did this in a month, imagine what we can do in a year!