Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Am Officially A Grandma. Oy.

Okay. I am officially a grandma. I’ve accepted it.

Over the weekend, GB and I were shopping at Nordstrom when I decided to buy my grandmother a Hanukkah present. I took my purchase up to the counter and was about to reach for my credit card when I thought of something. “I might have a gift card,” I said to the sales associate. “Hang on one sec while I find it.”

I reached into the dark abyss of my purse and rooted around until I found the cute little leopard bag I keep all my coupons and gift cards in. I then pulled the stack out and proceeded to spend the next three minutes sifting through every card and paper until I found a Nordstrom gift card. “Try this one,” I said to the girl. “It might have a couple dollars on it.”

She scanned it and out came the receipt. “Um, you have more than a couple dollars on there,” she said. “You have $300 left!”

THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS?! Um, I had NO idea. I don’t even remember what that gift card was from! I was shocked. How long had that been in there? How long would I have walked around Nordstrom spending cash without even thinking to check if I had any gift cards?

Never again. At that moment I vowed to sacrifice my dignity and buy something which I had seen advertised in People magazine several months ago, something that, at the time, I had laughed and said was something for a crazy old lady… The Card Cubby.

The Card Cubby is a tiny little organizer that fits right in your purse that contains all your coupons, gift cards, and frequent buyer cards – in alphabetical order! You file everything under the appropriate place and when it’s time to pay or get stamped or use a coupon, it’s right there where it’s supposed to be! Plus, they come in a million different colors and patterns, including several different shades and patterns of pink, all of which I love.

No longer will $300 gift cards languish unused in my purse, nestled alongside my Big Chill customer appreciation cards, emergency $20 bill, and expired driver’s license from 2004 (where I have platinum blonde hair and a necklace that says VEGAS in turquoise rhinestones, but that’s another story.)

This is the one I bought. Looks a little familiar, doesn't it? It matches the blog PERFECTLY!

But there are also these snazzy pink ones as well:

So yes, I own one of these. And now I am officially a grandma. In case you were curious, I also occasionally steal Splenda from Starbucks and have taken to eating dinner at 6:00pm. Give me a few more weeks and I will be wearing curlers in my hair to the supermarket and peering over the steering wheel when I drive. OY!


Cara said...

clearly you are a trendsetter! i thought this was such a good idea (and love the pink zebra) so went to the site to click and buy.... and they are already OUT OF STOCK for this style. what an effect you have!!

Diana M. said...

OMG!! I LOVE this! I just went and bought one! (Leapin' Leopard print)

I have other card holders in my purse, but this one is clearly superior! I can't wait to get it!

FYI - I did a search for a coupon code and I found one for 10% off your order through December 31st. Just type in CC2010.


Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Thanks. Now I totally want one!