Friday, December 3, 2010

Top Chef: All Stars - Oh Yes!

Oh man. Top Chef is back. And it is AMAZING!

Do you watch Top Chef? If not, you need to start. It’s one of my all-time favorite shows, and the fact that this season is Top Chef: All Stars is just ridiculous!

I have been a die-hard fan of Top Chef since it first went on the air back in 2006. I’ve watched all seven seasons religiously, and I am SO looking forward to this season. I literally couldn’t wait for the premiere on Wednesday night – I was wiggling in my seat ALL DAY. When I finally climbed into bed and turned on Bravo, I was legitimately alone in my room SMILING ear to ear. Am I a dork or what?

It was so great seeing all the former contestants back in the kitchen. Usually, I don’t love the first three or four episodes of each season, because there are so many chefs that you can’t keep track of all of them or start learning about each of them as an individual. But this time, I already know the chefs – their names, their backgrounds, what they like to cook – and the fact that they’re the cream of the crop of the entire show makes me feel like this is going to be a REALLY good season.

I am happy because my least favorite person from my least favorite season got booted last night – that never happens! Elia had a terrible attitude and her food looked gross – she deserved to be booted off.

Moving forward, I have my eye on a few chefs who I believe will go all the way. Whenever I make predictions about reality TV shows (just wait until American Idol season rolls back around), I like to put it in writing so if I end up being right, I can gloat and call myself a brilliant foreteller :)

Here are my picks to go all the way: Jamie Lauren, Trey Wilcox, Richard Blais, Casey Thompson, and Angelo Sosa. I loved them on their individual seasons and have followed them since they got booted off the show – they all have gone on to do great things with their talent and fame, so I have high hopes for them!

I also love Antonia, Carla, Jen, and both Tiffany’s, but I don’t necessarily foresee them going to the finals. I would be quite happy to be wrong, but who knows what will happen? I guess time will tell!

This post is probably quite confusing/boring for you if you’re not a Top Chef fan, but if you’ve never seen it, you need to. It is so exciting and interesting to see the way such brilliant chefs behave both in the kitchen and out of it, and this season promises to be an amazing one to watch, especially if it’s your first!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Use some down time to catch up on TC... I'm sure Bravo will be replaying it, oh, a thousand times :)

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