Thursday, January 6, 2011

No Hassle Tassel

Remember my Hanukkah list? Well, the parentals came through big time (with the exception of the iPad, but don’t worry, I’ve already got a plan). I rock the sunglasses everyday, wore the sparkle sweatshirt on New Years Eve, and already consider the black flats an essential part of my wardrobe.

But as much as I love those gifts, my favorite thing I opened on Hanukkah just may be that Iomoi tassel keychain. I don’t know what it is, but it makes me happy everytime I see it. My parents surprised me with the purple leather one (far right), and I love it to pieces.

I’m not really surprised by my irrational attachment to the keychain. I love tassels in any form. They’re sassy and funky and add a little extra OOMPH to anything and everything....

Like this fantastic Rebecca Minkoff bag. The color is gorgeous - I love everything about it - the little tassel pull, the woven leather, and of course, that deep blue!

I personally could never pull these shoes off, but I think they’re amazing. They’re so funky and hipster and cool - not me at all, but I think they would look amazing with skinny jeans and a white button down. I would look like a total dweeb, but I can admire them from afar!

In the category of things I can pull of? This cozy little wrap. My aunt actually gave me this for Hanukkah, and I basically haven’t taken it off since! I own the beige, but it also comes in black and a gorgeous grey and a deep purple. I love the droopy tassels - makes me feel like a hippie!

When I first came across this purse on Shopbop, I literally yelped out loud. This vintage Chanel bag is OUT OF CONTROL. I want it so badly I can barely type. And of course, with such an insane bag, you gotta have a ridiculous wallet to go inside it... and this Gucci wallet with the little tassel pull is TO DIE FOR. Want. Want. Want. Want.

I could see this necklace with the bright red tassel becoming a major staple in my wardrobe. I tend to gravitate towards simple necklaces or pendants with an ethnic vibe, and this one fits that description perfectly. I love the way the tassel contrasts so vividly with the simple cord... it would look amazing with almost any color top, but I could definitely see myself wearing it with yellow or green for a great contrast.

Good Charma is one of my new favorite companies - I recently splurged on a set of six beaded bracelets to split with Bailey, and now I can’t get enough of their stuff! I wear a stack of gold and silver bracelets on my left wrist and I’m constantly adding and changing to the collection, and I think I’ve found my next addition!

What’s the moral of the story here? Well, two things. Tassels are fabulous and cheeky and irreverent, and also, I have a lot of time on my hands to search through the vast interwebs to find the best of the best for yall... but it was no HASSLE finding these tassels!

Oh lord. My dorkiness is out of control.


Grace said...

1. That Chanel bag is amazing!

2. I love Iomoi and I love that keychain! You should play around with it, and try putting it on one of your handbags! That wrap also looks super cozy... love!

Great picks!


Grace said...

PS - you could totally make that necklace. The craft store sells tassels - would be sooo easy. Maybe I'll do a DIY tassel necklace post.


Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Oh my... tell me which girl wouldnt want these on Earth??? Which?