Monday, February 14, 2011

A Birthday Poem for Julie!

Yes, today is Valentine’s Day, but more importantly, today is one of my bestest’s birthdays.... and you know how I like to celebrate birthdays around here... with a poem and a collection of hilarious and slightly embarrassing photographs!

Julie is 26! It’s her special day,

Let’s join together and shout HOORAY!

A more wonderful person you could never meet,

When it comes to friendship, she just can’t be beat.

The kids in Houston are lucky with Julie leading their class,

As a teacher, I know that she truly kicks ass,

She is always down for games and fun,

But when school is over, “Ms. Rubenstein” is done.

In her off time she plays kickball, she loves to play that sport,

She wears her team jersey (sometimes with jorts!)

She’s a real Texan girl who says “yall” quite a bit,

That is a habit she’ll never ever quit.

We have a pact that we made, we’re really gonna do it someday,

Return to live in Tucson and go back to the U of A,

I can be AEPhi’s housemom, Julie can be Wilma Wildcat,

We’ll spend our nights at Dirtbags, it’s as easy as that!

We both share a love for polka dotted stuff,

And when it comes to Forever 21, we can never get enough,

The same thing with Las Vegas, we could play for hours at end,

A cheesy girl who loves gambling on fishies? That’s my kind of friend!

This is the first time in years I’m not there to help celebrate,

But I know that your day will surely be great.

I love you and know that our friendship will never ever end,

Happy Birthday to my beautiful best friend!

Wishing you the best birthday ever, Julie Ann :) I love you and miss you sooooo much!

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Julie said...

Love it! and Love YOU! Thanks for the best blog post ever!