Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Want Candy (Stripes)

There are few things I love more than color, but stripes might be one of them. We’ve talked about it many times around here - stripes are classy, cute, a little preppy, and super sophisticated. Add some bright pops of color and you’ve got CANDY STRIPES - and me totally swooning.

I don’t even know where I came across these little pals, but I took one look and fell in love:

I predict a HUGE trend for Spring - starting off with these lovelies from Kate Spade (who also did those UNREAL knee socks above! Those are 100% my next purchase.)

This dress is every single thing I want in life. Bright pastel rainbow colors, a decent length so I can wear it to work, a wide collar to show off my face - I ADORE IT. It needs to come live with me for the rest of our lives.

And would it be too much to wear it with these heels? From the front, they’re all business with their glossy nude patent color - but when you turn around, it’s a total party all around. So clever! So cute! Must get!

It’s no secret what a girly girl I am - give me a brightly colored dress or skirt and I’m happy! This one really intrigues me - the vaguely ethnic but still vibrant print would look great dressed up with a solid colored blouse, but I find myself wanting to wear it with a casual grey tank and a huge chunky necklace. Might need to go buy this one, too!

Want something more basic but still colorful and striped? It doesn’t get much better than this jazzed-up T-shirt, which looks incredibly soft:

And this Forever 21 sweater is SO cute and comes in these two different colored options - for less than $25!

Even Marc Jacobs got into the trend. This flirty little dress is just effortless - I can see myself wearing it out for drinks, running errands around town, or over a bathing suit at the beach. The puckered top will be very flattering, I love the turquoise-navy-fuchsia-red combo, and I adore the ruffled bottom!

And if you can’t wait til it warms up to start wearing this trend, what about these fabulous Paul Smith striped goodies? The scarf, beanie, and gloves will liven up any outfit, no matter how cold and dreary it is outside. Plus, they’re on sale!

I can’t wait to add some of these gorgeous bright striped things to my closet. I want candy, indeed - and these have no calories :) Win win all around!


nick j said...

i love all these bright colours, they make it feel like spring already


Alyson said...

love, love, love all these stripes! I want to cozy up with that anthropologie tee and rock those kate spade heels AND knee highs. At the same time?! Hmm, anything's possible!