Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In the Immortal Words of Carrie Bradshaw: "Hello, Lover."

Mama needs a new bag. And I think I’ve found the one who’s gonna come home and live with me.

This new arrival from Kate Spade is FANTASTIC. It’s got everything I like in a bag - lots of pockets, a magnetic snap closure for easy access, and shiny gold hardware, plus its long strap is meant to be worn across your body like a messenger bag, which is a new appreciation of mine.

This past summer, I bought a black leather/slightly punk crossbody bag from Anthropologie (similar to this one) and carried it on all my various trips throughout Israel, which is when I fell in love with messenger-style bags. So easy and effortless - the perfect bag to take along on all my adventures :) Now, whenever I look at bags in stores or online, I take special note of the ones that have a long strap... just in case I want to take it on a new overseas adventure - or just a trip to the Beverly Center!

Anyway, this bag also comes in white, yellow, orange, and brown, but HELLO? Look at this pink. It screams SPRING. Also, it reminds me of a flamingo, and that can’t be anything but good.

Well done, Kate Spade. The second I saw this bag I swooned. You’ve done it again!


Glamorous Newlywed said...

Love the bag!!!

And on a totally unrelated note, the Terrell Owens quote at the bottom of the page made me laugh out loud :)

Preppy in Polka Dots said...

I recently got turned onto cross body bags and can't stop buying them! They are so convenient especially when you live in a city and you are constantly walking places!!

Just started reading your blog and love it!!