Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Monday Night Deliciousness

Last night, GB and I went over to Erica's to cook dinner.

Lettuce + feta cheese + pomegranate seeds + DELICIOUS poppyseed dressing (a new fave, I am going to need to buy this ASAP) + shredded carrots = THIS MASTERPIECE:

Erica's salad was delicious, and GB came armed with her trusty cookbook and a delicious recipe for "Spanish Shrimp":

Shrimp + green beans + lemon juice + a ton of minced garlic = YUM.

What did I contribute to this feast, you ask? Well, I made couscous. And it was disgusting. So gross, in fact, that no pictures of it were taken, and almost the entire bowl was thrown into the trash. I am beyond help.

After we (and by we I mean they) cooked, we watched some E! News and chatted on the couch while enjoying our delicious feast:

And then the night concluded with an insane phone call from Julie, where she insisted we play this game with her over the phone. Go now. Click it immediately - it's one of those freaky "read your mind" internet game things that always make me feel scared and confused and like aliens live in my brain.

And that was my Monday night!


yoga and yogurt said...

it wasnt THAT bad, just was lacking the STICK of butter that i decided we should omit. lol.


That brand of dressing also has an amazing one called Chipotle cheddar.

samantha said...

omg jordan its sami levine adn i miss you and i just did that game and obv did selena gomez and he guessed it.. im so freaked out.. AHHH! missyouu sooo sooo soo much! xoxox