Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Recent All-Pink Shopping Trip

Oooh yall! I was pondering what I should post here in honor of Pink Wednesday, and then I realized that I had a few perfect things to share with you - all of which I bought while out shopping this past weekend!

I am not happy with the shade of my skin tone these days... I am WAY TOO pale! (I spend far too many hours looking through photos from this past summer and admiring how tan I was just a few months ago. My, how the mighty have fallen.) My usual bronzer is just not doing it for me anymore, so while at Bloomies on Saturday I picked up this new find - Sugarbomb by Benefit. I love the different shimmering colors - it’ll hold me over til the sun comes out again!

I’ve always had a thing for scarves, and lately with this crazy weather out here in LA (80 degrees in January one day, pouring rain the next), I’m rarely without one - they work with all outfits in all weather! This paisley one from Forever 21 was only $7.80 - such a steal, and it also comes in turquoise. I wore it a few days ago with a black cashmere sweater, grey slacks, and black glitter flats for a pop of color!

I am OBSESSED with this new lip product from Clinique - they’re called Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colors, and I LOVE mine! I can be really picky about what goes on my lips - I never use balm, can’t stand gloss because I hate the sticky feeling, and don’t love the taste of lipstick.... so this is truly perfect for me! I chose “Woppin’ Watermelon” (a bright shiny pink - shown in the center) and have been applying it nonstop ever since I brought it home. I highly recommend!

So really, buying these things didn’t count as mindless shopping... since I was basically doing research for the blog. Maybe I can get some sort of tax write-off? :)

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Grace said...

Oooh - please tell us more about Sugarbomb! Benefit has the best products... I am loyal to their Hoola bronzer and just discovered Bella Bamba - a great blush!